Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pen - Large - 8 Panels W80 x H80cm


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Measure the LENGTH as shown, your dog should be able to:

  • Sit
  • Stand at full height
  • Turn around
  • Stretch out
  • Lie down in a natural position


Option 1 - buying a smaller cage and replacing it as they grow.

Option 2 - think about the size of cage they will need when they are fully grown and purchase a divider which will provide them with the secure area.


Ideal for keeping dogs or puppies in a controlled area indoors or outdoors, this Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Play Pen can be made into different shapes, depending upon your requirements. It has plenty of space to allow your pet to move around safely and securely, and you will be reassured that it’s strong construction and high sides will prevent any escape bids. The 2 gates features a safety lock and a slightly raised entrance so that you can open it without fear of your dog shooting past you to freedom.

  • Powder coated steel construction.
  • Two 8 panel construction options.
  • 10 panels in total: 8 wall panels & 2 door panels
  • 9 Panel pins, can be secured into ground up to 16cm
  • Capable of making different pen shapes.

Manufactured from quality steel with a welded mesh construction, it is a sturdy and durable pet pen as well as being easy to assemble with 8 panels. You have the option to use 2 internal panels to create 2 independent living spaces if you have more than one dog.

Panel Dimensions: W80 x H80cm

Rectangular set up: W160 x D160 x H80cm

Wire gauge: 3mm/4mm

Finish: Black hammered paint finish

Your dog will be comfortable and happy in this secure, safe environment and can have fun playing while giving you peace of mind.

Please note: We recommend marking out the size on the floor to check that the cage fits the space required and also that your dog can sit up, stand up and turn around with ease.


  sq. m sq. ft
Square 2.6 27.5
Rectangle 1.9 20.6
Hexagon n/a n/a
Octagon 3.1 33.1


Petplanet recommends following advice on cage training when first using crates or dog pens and dogs should not be left unattended until they are happy being confined.

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GREAT VALUE AND STURDY LInda on 12 December 2022

We borrowed a Barkshire dog pen from a friend for the one puppy we recently bred. We were so pleased with the size and quality of the pen that we have now returned hers and bought one of our own - for next time round! I would certainly recommend it.

Excellent JanetR on 28 October 2022

We purchased this pen for our bitch and her puppies. It is an excellent size and gives a good play area for the pups. Quality is excellent and represents real value for money. Would highly recommend.

Amazing Pen Anne on 10 May 2022

I bought 20 panels as I have 3 medium, adult dogs. The product arrived earlier then expected. It took us 15 min to build, no tools required. It is absolutely amazing, very happy with it and my dogs accepted straight away. I really recommend it.

Good Quality Pammy on 13 April 2021

The product arrived earlier than anticipated and was securely wrapped so it wasn't damaged on arrival. It is of very good quality. I am using it for a number of things in my garden, ie covering the pond so dogs don't fall in. Covering the ground where I have put down grass seed and don't want the dogs to walk on it. I have two panels placed in the boot of the car, so the dog is secure in the boot and can't get into the back seat, or any part of the car. I have put three panels against my neighbours fence to block off a fox hole in the fence. It has numerous uses and I am extremely pleased with it.

Perfect Play Pen Anon on 26 March 2021

I ordered this on next day delivery and it arrived as promised. We have two ten week old labs and I needed a safe place for them to play indoor and outdoor It took about 10 mins to build, so simple, no tools required! It is absolutely amazing, so, so pleased with it.

Great cage Chris on 19 August 2020

We have used it in the garden and the house for our two dogs. They accepted it straight away which will be brilliant for when we go caravaning. Really pleased with it.


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