Buster Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar Blue – Medium


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A more comfortable and less embarrassing alternative to the traditional dog cone, the Buster Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar Blue – Medium helps to prevent your dog from licking, chewing or biting its stitches, rashes or raw areas.

  • Does not interfere with dog’s field of vision
  • Very comfortable
  • Helps your pet recover quicker

Ideal for dogs that are recovering from surgery, injury or suffering from rashes or skin irritations, this Inflatable Collar helps to prevent your pet from reaching the injured spot without limiting its field of view.

Traditional collars that limit your pet’s eye sight can be dangerous and disorientating for your dog as they cannot see what is going on around them resulting in them knocking over or running into things, as well as increasing stress. This collar does away with those risks by allowing your pet perfect visibility at all times.

This collar is also very comfortable for your pet and will cause far less irritation than traditional pet cones.

Please note: This collar is suitable for pets that are recovering from injury, rash or irritation to their body and is not suitable for pets that have just been neutered or have injuries to their legs or hind quarters.

  • Approx. Outer Diameter: 25.5cm
  • Approx. Inner Diameter: 11cm

Help your pet recover faster and in more comfort with the Buster Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar Blue – Medium.

X-SMALL Outer Diameter - 16cm / Inner Diameter- 5cm SMALL Outer Diameter - 22cm / Inner Diameter- 7cm MEDIUM Outer Diameter - 25.5cm / Inner Diameter- 11cm LARGE Outer Diameter - 30.5cm / Inner Diameter- 16cm
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Great idea Netty on 19 December 2017

I bought the buster collar for my dog who sadly passed before it arrived through no fault of Pet Planet. I explained the situation and the company had no qualms whatsoever offering to take the product back. My friend purchased it from me as her dog hated the lampshade type and constantly shook her head. Happy to report that she accepted the buster and no more head shaking. Speaks for itself.

great value carolsmith112233 on 4 February 2017

easy to use and stopped her self harming. can still eat and drink and even play fetch the tennis ball brilliant love it

Super for post op care Maddy Simpson on 20 October 2017

Pleased with the speedy service the Buster Collar arrived on the day of my dog Snowy's surgery to have fatty lump off his back. I did have a real problem blowing it up, wasn't sure whether a pump was required. Possibly I did not squeeze hard enough on valve. Snowy wore it and seemed to accept it far better than the lamp-shade style, he even slept well wearing it. Snowy is a Bichon Frise and I purchased the Medium size which was perfect. After first trying it per instructions with his collar through the loops we chose to take his collar off as it was easier at mealtimes to just undo the velcro on Buster Collar take it off with ease then pop it back on after he'd finished eating. One thing to beware of during wet weather if you let your dog out to toilet in your garden, if you have a short legged dog the Buster collar can trail on ground if your dog drops his head to sniff around!

A good idea susansilvester1 on 3 February 2021

I bought one for my cocker spaniel who is always licking his feet. Unfortunately he still managed to get to his feet, so wasnt suitable.

Don't bother - this is a waste of money Laura M on 11 April 2017

I bought this in medium (as suggested by the sizing guide) for my 10 month old cocker spaniels after their castration. Forget it - they can easily reach where they're not supposed to be licking. The reviews talk about not being for long-nosed breeds, but from what I've seen even a flat-faced breed would be able to get there. The idea is fantastic, because let's face it the cone of shame is awful, but it just doesn't work.


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