Purrshire Top Entry Cat litter Pan


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This Purrshire Top Entry Cat litter Pan is a well-designed cat toilet, and is more space efficient than a traditional cat litter tray. It is perfect for use around the home as the covered design will noticeably reduce the amount of dust and smell that is normally associated with traditional open style litter trays.

The opening in the lid of the box is big enough for kitty to ease in and out comfortably and the deep litter box prevents any litter spilling out and catches any high sprays too. The textured design on the top of the lid is very good for brushing off any litter left on your cat’s feet, so you do not come home to find litter tracked all over your floor.

This smart design not only allows your cat the privacy needed when going to the toilet but also allows you to separate the two halves, allowing you easy access to clean their cat litter.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Strong polypropylene design.
  • Privacy for your feline friend.

Dimensions: L64 x D49 x H45cm, hole opening: 23cm diameter

Customer Note: Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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KEEPS THE DOGS OUT ! Anon on 17 May 2023

Lovely size and shape, our cats can hop in and out. We have ours under the stairs. It's top opening system, keeps the litter from going outside of the tray.

Absolutely brilliant value kerry on 27 December 2021

Really great value for money. The litter box is massive so if you only have a small space think twice. There is no way your cat could send cat litter out onto the floor, I am very happy with ours.

Would Highly Recommend Anon on 28 October 2021

These litter trays ate fantastic. When I bought it wasn't sure my 10yr old would take to it as had a front flap before this, but put them next to each other and curiosity got the best of her. When I saw her using it I removed the old one. This box is terrific no more litter over the carper?? Unfortunately she is still mega stinky????

Really pleased with this litter tray JD on 25 October 2021

Purchased for my 12 week old kitten in the hope that it would stop litter tray smell and litter being walked everywhere. Was concerned that it would not be used as it was bigger than expected and had a lid on and my kitten is small, but once litter in and lid on and my kitten jumped straight in, used it and jumped back out with no issues. There is hardly any smell from the tray, he can dig away with no litter coming out and and added bonus is that the dogs cant get to the litter tray. I am really pleased with it.

Persevere marianne on 26 September 2021

Difficult to judge whether a good purchase or not, Im persevering especially now they are spending more time in at night it is large and quite tall

hellojoanie y on 7 May 2021

I am delighted with this litter tray. It is extremely good value. It is robust and big enough for my tall, leggy cat! I started off without the lid, but I. Left it nearby so he could get used to it. After a few days I put the lid on and now he uses it, no problems. Considerably less litter being tracked out. I am delighted with my purchase.


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