Kitty City Crinkle Sack - 42 x 36cm


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The Kitty City Crinkle Sack is lined with crackling foil, so your cat will love to play with it.

The sack is made of soft suede material that your cat can burrow into. The crackling material will encourage play for hours. The sack has a soft faux fur lining and lip that your cat will feel warm and snug inside of.

  • Crackling material inside.
  • Plush faux fur interior.

Rustling the crackling material will grab your pet’s attention and bring them running. Even walking on top of the sack will make noise, so leaving the sack where your cat usually plays is a great idea. You could also put the sack on your arm, like a puppet, to encourage play and bond with your pet.

Dimensions: 42 x 36cm

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Just the trick! alirphillips on 26 August 2019

Bella loved the noise that my lap tray made so I was delighted to find this for her. I’ve got a video of her enjoying pure bliss as she pads her front paws up and down on it. It’s not too big so only half of her fits inside it - a sa k twice as big would have been better for her to snuggle in but she loves the noise it makes.

Excellent Nicblade on 26 December 2018

Good quality and size cats loved it!

Tiny cat loves it, bigger girl cant fit inside Missy on 2 January 2018


Kitten’s Crinkle Bag FrancescaGreen1952 on 27 October 2017

Great fun. It’s made from fabric that feels like velvet on the outside and nice and soft inside AND IT MAKES A WONDERFUL CRACKLY NOISE!!! It’s not only kittens who’ll want to play in it. The big cats will love it too.

Really cute Rebecca on 24 August 2017

One of our cats particularly loves this - he doesn't realise he can go inside it but he likes to sit on top of it, and it's super crinkly and noisy so he really likes it!

as expected! katie and alfie on 23 August 2017


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