Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pen

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Measure the LENGTH as shown, your dog should be able to:

  • Sit
  • Stand at full height
  • Turn around
  • Stretch out
  • Lie down in a natural position


Option 1 - buying a smaller cage and replacing it as they grow.

Option 2 - think about the size of cage they will need when they are fully grown and purchase a divider which will provide them with the secure area.


Ideal for keeping dogs or puppies in a controlled area indoors, these Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pens can be made into different shapes, depending upon your requirements.

Manufactured from quality steel, they are sturdy and durable pet pens as well as being easy to assemble. Your dog will be comfortable and happy in these secure, safe environments and can have fun playing while giving you peace of mind.

The doors feature a safety bolt and a slightly raised entrance so that you can open it without fear of your dog shooting past you.

Colour: Mid-Grey

Customer Note: We recommend marking out the size on the floor to check that the cage fits the space required and also that your dog can sit up, stand up and turn around with ease.

The Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pens are available in the following versions:

  • 6 Panels L76 x H80cm
  • 6 Panels L80 x H106cm


Petplanet recommends following advice on cage training when first using crates or dog pens and dogs should not be left unattended until they are happy being confined.

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Very good atjkt on 6 June 2023

The larger version is quite big enough to contain my two medium sized dogs with their beds. It is high enough to stop them jumping over and gives men peace of mind when children, strangers and visitors are around etc. Putting it together is very straightforward: it's good to have a second person to hold the bottom while you slide in the pins from the top but it's not essential.

Great pen loushoz on 7 May 2023

This pen looks really nice in my lounge, its a nice soft grey colour. I use 5 panels as i'm a bit restricted on space. My puppy isnt great when he's left so he has managed to bend the rods that keep it together and some of the panel wires, but he's not managed to get out of it. If you dont have a puppy with separations issues i'd say this pen is perfect.

Excellent Pen Hazel S. on 9 August 2022

This is a lovely size for a Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppy. She won't be tempted to jump out. It's very sturdy and well made. I can use it in the kitchen when I have to leave her, but also in the garden on a cool day.. I'm very pleased with it.

Great sturdy pen Jules on 29 July 2022

Bought this for use with our motor home, its strong and really well made very similar to the old Croft ones. Really keeps our three Lhasa dogs safe while we get set up with the motor home. Def recommend.

Amazing, wouldn�t be without it. Gemma on 9 June 2022

I bought two of these to make a run for our bunnies, theyre easy to put together and interchangeable at any time. We did have to put chicken wire around as our bunnies are tiny so could squeeze through the bars, it keeps our dog out she does jump up onto it at times but its strong enough and doesnt move. I found the gate lock is stiff and sometimes gets stuck but thats the only thing I could actually pick fault with but it still works and does its job.

Excellent quality and good value Marvellous Marv on 2 November 2021

We bought this for our dog following surgery, as she has to have complete cage rest and I didnt want to crate her. Its perfect for what we needed and much cheaper than some of the alternatives.


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