Petplanet Puppy Pen - 8 Panel

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Measure the LENGTH as shown, your dog should be able to:

  • Sit
  • Stand at full height
  • Turn around
  • Stretch out
  • Lie down in a natural position


Option 1 - buying a smaller cage and replacing it as they grow.

Option 2 - think about the size of cage they will need when they are fully grown and purchase a divider which will provide them with the secure area.


This Petplanet Puppy Pen is the ideal way of keeping your puppy, or young dog, safe and secure when outdoors.

This robust pen is manufactured from Steel and is epoxy coated to make it easy to care for as well as providing excellent corrosion resistance. Each panel is hinged to the next which allows you to tailor the shape of the pen so that it fits the space available, as well as allowing it to be folded flat, making it easier to store, or transport, when needed.

  • This pen can only be secured in place outdoors.
  • 1 x hinged door.
  • 2 x door catches.
  • Quantity: 8 panels.
  • Colour: Black.

The Petplanet Puppy Pen serves two functions. It provides a safe environment where your canine friend can have fun playing while having access to outdoor space, as well as giving you peace of mind.

Customer Note: We recommend marking out the size on the floor to check that the cage fits the space required and also that your dog can sit up, stand up and turn around with ease. This pen may scratch wooden floors.

These pens are not modular and cannot be connected to additional pens. 


Petplanet recommends following advice on cage training when first using crates or dog pens and dogs should not be left unattended until they are happy being confined.

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Anon on 13 October 2023

Bought the pen to help our puppy have her own time during the day when we needed to get on with our time. Easy to put together and able to attach to her crate,

Excellent quality Joanb on 3 March 2023

We have bought this for a new puppy's first few months. It is a great size and sturdy.

Puppy Pen Anon on 10 November 2022

Great value for money and perfectly sized to contain our puppy during the early months whilst training, ensuring he is safe.

Perfect for the job Angela & Dexter on 16 August 2021

We bought this to use for a our Boston terrier puppy to help house train him, as when we put him in the garden he was too overwhelmed at the large open space to settle and go pee. Being confined to a smaller space has given him a confidence of safety and clear line between potty area and play area. He now runs straight into the pen to go potty and rarely has any accidents at 10 weeks old.

Just right wmsmls on 4 August 2021

The product is just as described by seller, very user friendly, a good purchase.

Very versatile Anon on 23 February 2021

I bought this pen for my 8 week old standard poodle puppy and it is certainly tall enough to contain the puppy for a long ime yet. The pen is sturdy and easy to use as you basically just lift it out its box and voila! All you need to do is decide what shape you want the pen to be, circular, square. Also, you can arrange the pen into its full size, or concertina the sides to a small square of 1 panel for each side, or you can arrange it into a long rectangle if you like. I am using it at present as a small square for bedtime confinement with a large blanket draped over the top for coziness.


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