Rotastak Space Command Hamster Cage


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The Rotastak Space Command is a complete home designed for hamsters, gerbils and mice.


  • Fully compatible with the rest of the Rotastak range.
  • Water bottle.
  • Running wheel.
  • Feeding dish.


The unit provides the complete living environment including a wide variety of tubes, tunnels, extension units and accessories that help to stimulate natural living conditions - and provide you with hours of entertainment.

Dimensions: W47 x D51 x H55cm


Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters.

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Everything a Gerbil needs for an amazing price! Rose on 20 April 2019

This is an amazing cage for Gerbils. My Gerbils Smokey and Shadow love their new home; it has a lovely place to sleep, tunnel, play, eat and drink. The tube can be hard to put together and on the cage, but it is worth it. Smokey and Shadow spend a lot of their time scurrying up and down it! The wheel works perfectly, and the whole cage is very exciting and spacious, and you can see the gerbils (or Hamsters) very clearly. People say the cage is hard to clean out, but I discovered that if you put the Gerbils (or Hamsters) in their exercise balls, you can vacuum up the sawdust! I can definitely recommend this cage for adventurous Gerbils!

Once it’s up, it’s amazing hamstermummy on 31 January 2018

Both me and my hamster love this cage, although it is difficult to put together, it’s worth it! So many different ways to build it. You can compact the tubes or make them nice and big. Extremely happy with my purchase.

Great hamster cage. Heather Case on 7 February 2017

Now the cage is put together it's great. Was abit frustrating putting it together, but worth it in the end. Eveytime we clean it out it gets put together abit differently too.

AbFab Value KathyAA on 17 June 2016

I bought this for my Granddaughter for her 13th Birthday as her Mum said she was buying her Hamsters. She absolutely loves it and has actually built it differently to the style ahown which just shows how versatile these type of cages are. Her 2 new furry friends Ronnie & Reggie are loving it too. Great buy - Great Value

Best rotastak cage excellent value Eleanor on 5 August 2014

I looked for ages at all the different rotastak units and decided on this one and it is at such an excellent price The space command unit is I feel the best value for money in that it has the dining room and the external wheel as standard plus the tubing We are very happy with it the dining room is fantastic Charlie shoots up there eats out of the little trays x28which are easy to pull in and out to top upx29and then has a good look round through the dome I also bought an attic bedroom and a spare water bottle as Ive heard sometimes the water bottles dont always work We now have it set up with the wheel on the front of the base unit the tubing going from dining room to middle unit x28saves on space and less likely to get knockedx29 the extra water bottle on base unit and the attic bedroom on top of base unit although he had already made his nest in the base and uses the attic bedroom as a luxury wash room The wheel is quiet and safe no bars to get trapped in I have since bought a potty litter tray to put inside the base as well and he loves rolling in it I had a rotastak about 30 years ago which was excellent then and it is much improved There is plenty of ventilation each piece has ventilation holes including the tubes and it is plenty big enough however hamsters do need to be out of their cage once a day or every couple of days Ours isnt trained yet so he either goes in a ball to run round the room or in the empty bath I found this company to give good service and value Our unit did have two tiny little chips one on a rim but I didnt think it was worth sending back for as it didnt affect the function and probably happened in transit I can also recommend rotastaks chocolate hamster treats Charlie loves those and they are good for training he wouldnt touch the ones we bought from the pet shop and chucked them away

Fab Hammy home stella on 8 March 2011

This is a great home for our hamster, loved by my daughter too. It's great value for money compared to my local pet superstore. It takes a while to clean but that wouldn't put me off.


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