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This Cage Divider for Petplanet Dog Cage will turn you full sized cage into a space suitable for a puppy or two smaller dogs.

Dogs have a natural instinct to not soil their sleeping area, but if their sleeping area is too big they might sleep on one side and soil the other. To prevent your puppy from doing this add a divider to their cage until they’re big enough to handle the full space.

The divider is also a way to separate two smaller animals, keeping them safe and comfortable in the Petplanet Dog Cage.

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Great beks on 23 March 2023

I brought this because I wanted to split up my 2 dachsunds when they were in the crate. I was going to buy 2 crates but then I saw this. It's worked brilliant, they don't soil the crate now and prefer to sleep separately. The best thing I've brought in a while.

Just what we needed AlC on 31 January 2022

We recently bought a Fido Studio Dog Crate, from a company with the mindset that our new cockapoo would 'grow into it'. Rookie mistake of course and her first night with us she pooped in her crate because it was far too big for her. I really didn't want to replace the crate as we'd set it up with a pen attached, so when I found this divider I was over the moon! It's allowed us to make our cockapoo's crate smaller and more 'den like' (preventing accidents!), and also means we can move it and adjust it as she grows. So the crate gets bigger as our pooch does. Perfect solution. I looked everywhere for the correct measurements for our crate and it was hard to find, but this fit perfectly and VERY securely clips on - no movement. It doesn't reach all the way to the very top of the crate (I'd say there was an inch or two gap?), but that's fine and it's by no means big enough for puppy to try and get through. Fits perfectly width wise. Also: it's cheap! Winner winner, puppy dinner

Great value Lynne on 18 January 2021

Bought this along with a crate for the puppy we are getting soon. We were delighted to find a way of buying a crate that would grow with the pup, making it a good long term purchase, rather than upgrading the crate when he grows. Easy to fix in place and moveable so we can decide what size is needed at each stage. Delighted! Excellent price and delivery.

Just the job Anon on 17 April 2020

Bought with the bigger cage so when our puppy is trained we can remove and he will have more space. Good price fast delivery.

Perfect for the job teriarb on 21 September 2018

This fitted well in the previously bought crate. Once our puppy is potty trained it means he can have a bigger crate when ever we need to leave him alone for short periods. It's good quality and delivery was fast and efficient.

Very useful Dave on 12 September 2018

Instead of buying a small cage we bought this with a medium cage getting one for now and one for later instead of having to buy a bigger one at a later date.


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