Barkshire Premium Raised Dog Bed Grey

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This sturdy Barkshire Premium Raised Dog Bed keeps your pet free from draughts and provides a supportive sleeping and resting area that allows air to flow freely below it.  Conventional floor pet beds are vulnerable to drafts and cold floors, especially floors next to an exterior wall. This Raised Bed elevates your pet and allows it to stay warmer, without a cold floor robbing it of its body heat.


  • Durable steel Frame
  • Strong Plastic Mesh fabric
  • Easily wiped clean
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Assembly Note: to attach the long leg bar into the bedding, bunch up the bedding and hook the leg through the slot, like putting a sock onto a foot.

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Very good Pam on 11 February 2020

An excellent product but so difficult to put together, definitely needs two people. Having said that, dogs love it.

irene stark on 19 November 2019

One of my dogs liked it the other did not, it was difficult to put it together at the last bit other than that a great product.

Really great! Jo on 22 October 2019

The most difficult part of this process was posting a review, no wonder there aren't many. This pet bed is excellent, really robust and well worth the money. You do need to put a bit of effort in order to fit the 4th leg. My husband gave up but I persevered and I think there is "a knack to it". It is high enough from the floor, however because of an electrical socket on the wall we had to fit longer legs but we easily managed to remove existing tubes and tube ends and fit longer ones using the existing tube ends. Our 2 lakeland terriers love it and sleep comfortably together on it.

Sturdy easy to clean, super comfy. ANdrea on 4 January 2019

Our golden retriever loves this, we’ve put a thick blanket on it for the winter. Very sturdy, easy to just hose down. Should last for years.

Mollie Dog on 28 November 2018

It was perfect! The materials used were of a very high quality. Mollie loves the fact that she is up and off the floor, primarily because with underfloor heating she can become too hot, the downside of which is that she then moults above the norm. The assembly is straightforward, though as a word of advice, when you get to insertion of the final pole length, I found that to have the two relevant corner sections turned at a slight angle, so that you can inch the pole ends more easily into each, and then on pushing the frame down, the corner sections turn straight and the final length of pole pushes more firmly into place. This is a very robust and sturdy bed frame - I am absolutely delighted with it, as is Mollie my whippet.

Very good product DottieS on 6 November 2018

It took a little while and lots of effort to construct but well worth it! Dog loves it!


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