Indoor Pet Puppy Toilet with Wall


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The Indoor Pet Puppy Toilet with Wall is perfect for puppies to use in the house.

Made using tough polypropylene plastic this indoor puppy toilet is functional and robust. The Upright wall at the back is specially designed to encourage male puppies to position themselves facing it ensuring that their urine is directly into the puppy toilet and not onto furniture or furnishings nearby. The puppy toilet is designed with a handily removable bottom you can insert puppy pads into that absorb urine.

This Puppy Toilet is perfect for encouraging your male puppy to do their business away you’re your furniture and furnishings until they master the outdoors!

  • Perfect for male puppies
  • Specially designed to encourage male puppies to urinated within the toilet
  • Avoids soiling surrounding furniture and furnishings
  • Made using tough polypropylene plastic
  • Colour: White

Dimensions: W51.5 x D38.5 x H20.5cm

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Carpet Saver Andy on 31 October 2018

I have a Chihuahua, notoriously hard to train and stupid too. I tried the hotel bell method to alert us to when she wanted to go out. Ding, ding, ding = a treat but she just stared at it blankly. This said any dog could be trained within two weeks. 3 months down the line and incessant bell ringing by the family member who happened to find the piddle/poo patch on the carpet and she's still staring at it blankly so it's time to address the situation with one of these dog bogs. I'm putting a puppy pad inside AND on top otherwise the daft thing won't realise that is where she should pee even though we have been over and over it again, in detail, with diagrams, flip cards and everything. She's going to have to repeat the year I'm afraid and re-do her modules on non-fouling of the house. One thing though, none of us can work out what that brown handle is for. Somebody enlighten us, please.

cc35 on 16 October 2018

I think this is a great item. my puppy has used it although not every time - no regrets.