Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer

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The Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer provides your cat with a constant source of rubbing and grooming pleasure.

This Self Groomer can be simply attached to a surface in your home at your cat’s height and it’s ready to go. The groomer is suited for walls and corners, it can be easily mounted on either flat walls or corners with the adhesive strips provided or optional screws (not supplied).

The Self Groomer removes and collects loose hair to help keep your house a cleaner more enjoyable living environment. As a little extra incentive for your cat to use the groomer there is a handy inner compartment that catnip can be placed in. A small pouch of catnip is supplied to start you off.

Combine this Self Groomer with other Catit Senses 2.0 products that have been designed to be mixed and matched to create new play environments for your cat that keeps them interested.

Key Features:

  • Helps remove and collect loose hair
  • Easy to mount on flat walls or cornered surfaces (adhesive strips included)
  • Insert catnip (sample included) to encourage your cat
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials
  • Awarded a 2017 ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care

The Self Groomer includes:

  1. Durable brush with catnip compartment
  2. Holder
  3. Adhesive strips
  4. Canadian Catnip herb
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A-Classy-Lady on 17 January 2024

The 2 cats love these and always use them since we purchased.

Unsure Pauline on 22 March 2022

Take care getting it out of the box, it is a tight fit to ensure it does not get damaged in transit. My very long haired little girl was not at all interested in this item despite the catnip poured down the side and a extra dose of catnip spray. But she really does not like anything new so time will tell. However I still think it is a great self grooming tool with quite a sturdy spiky comb part that should give great sensory satisfaction to a cat rubbing their head against it. Petplanet Customer service was excellent about replacing one that was received faulty - thank you.

Good item Misty's mummy on 19 May 2021

I've taken the grooming part off the plastic back as it's easier for my kitty to groom herself

Cats love it! boilerhogs on 12 October 2019

I've been buying these for nearly 20 years (in N.America) for my rescues -- every single one has loved these; just ordered a second one, as they keep trying to use it at the same time! So delighted they have them here now. This is a good quality groomer; I've bought much flimsier. Not too difficult to figure out, if a bit faffy. Just take a bit of paper, roll into a cone/funnel shape, and dump in the catnip. Takes maybe a minute. And the tape is fine on the cupboards; not sure about the plaster/paint used here. I'd probably use the screws for that. Just make sure it's at cat cheek-grooming height! Trust me, they will love it. (And it goes flat on the surface, not just the corner. I've done both, so...yeah, not as good as just flat, in my opinion).

Better than expected Devilcats on 11 May 2020

I only ordered something extra for the free postage, and I've been looking at these for a while. We have a cat who has worn off some paint on a wall corner so we popped it on there and he uses it all the time! It came with teeny little adhesives that I almost threw away, but surprisingly it's still stuck to the wall over a week came with catnip to put in but he uses it regardless. Would buy another one for sure.

What's that! Jennywren Derbyshire on 13 June 2021

I once had one of these bought for me as a gift from my neighbour, when I had my kittens, I had a brother &sister, they were not interested in this but I kept it, but I could not put on wall, as I had odd corners on my walls, I also had panelled walls, that meant that they were oddly shaped, so that this toy could not be used, but I had no idea that it could be attached with stickers, so I've sent for it again, and I can put it on the legs of my kitchen chairs, that way my now grown Kat's can use it instead of scratching the legs, I'm happy it has stickers as screw leave a mess of chaos etc, but screws were to small In last one, so I could not use them as walls not as as stated they not corners, they have a slight slant added then a corner. They are simply not( L)shaped. Yours Jennywren, Derbyshire


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