White Cotton Bedding - 60g

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This White Cotton Bedding from Norfolk Industries for Disabled People is a recycled waste product from manufacturing that has short fibre length. This bedding is ideally suited for small animals especially hamsters. Cotton is safe, soft and absorbent. Its short fibres make it ideally suited for hamsters compared with other materials such as viscose.

  • Only available in white
  • Completely safe for use with small animals
  • Perfect for hamsters

Customer Note: This bedding is not to be mistaken with viscose fibre bedding that can be dangerous to hamsters. The long fibre lengths in viscose bedding can cause entanglement issues and hamster pouch issues if swallowed. This cotton bedding has very short fibres that prevent entanglement issues and is a safe material if ingested as it does not ball in the gut but breaks down instead.

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Great product Anon on 4 May 2021

My hamsters love this bedding, its soft and they can part it easily, they take it from one house to another even though it's in all of them. Very good value. It's on my regular order every time.

Great value! Hayley on 20 May 2019

This is great value and the hamsters love it for their bedding.

Please don't buy Hamster Mum on 9 April 2019

I bought this when I was preparing to bring my hamster home, set up the new cage with lots of this to use as bedding, on top of the paper substrate for burrowing. A few days later, I was browsing some hamster forums, and apparently using any cotton bedding is extremely dangerous for small pets, especially hamsters. The cotton fibers can become tangled around them, stuck in their pouches, choke them, etc.. obviously I took all of it out of the cage immediately, but I don't understand why companies like this market dangerous products for pets. it's the same principle as tiny hamster wheels which will deform their back, why is it on the market?!

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review. Traditionally, hamster ‘fluff’ type bedding has been a viscose fibre which we no longer supply due to its long fibre lengths causing entanglement issues and hamster pouching issues when swallowing in bulk. We wanted to find a safer alternative to this material and came across this cotton material which is waste material from nappy manufacture. The cotton is very short fibres, so no entanglement issue whatsoever, and on top of that is a very safe material is ingested as it does not ball in the gut, but breaks down. The term cotton as in cotton wool, covers a multitude of bedding products, but to provide the actual facts, viscose fibre is the material which in the past has caused problems, and not actual cotton. We have been providing this cotton material since July 2014 which we purchase from another animal bedding supplier, who has also never had any issues with it. We have NEVER had a complaint about this material or indeed been aware of any pro