Paper Flaked bedding - 100g

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This Paper Flaked Bedding from Norfolk Industries for Disabled People, is white absorbent paper flakes produced from waste food grade papers. The bedding is white, soft, absorbent and 100% safe for your small furry friend. Dust free this bedding is great for reducing odours and providing a comfortable bedding for all small animals.

  • Recycled material
  • Suitable for all small animals
  • Safe, dust and allergy free
  • Reduces odours
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Excellent. Sam on 9 May 2024

Lots in a bag, degus seem to find it comfortable. It's also shaped well for any animal that's prone to getting tangled up in some other types of bedding. Works well for the house/bedtime areas as a soft layer/nesting material.

Good but not what I was expecting J. on 16 November 2023

This is good quality - but is small more compressed chunks rather than long strips. Hamster is fussy and likes long soft strips to nest in. Will try instead in substrate box? Hope she'll dig in it - got 5 bags to make order up for free shipping!

Love it karly on 30 September 2022

Great paper for my rats, they love it as both toilet paper and soft bedding. Even better that it's plastic free

Very handy Timothy on 11 April 2020

This would be expensive if you were using it all the time but it is excellent at absorbing wee etc much more so than just works out more expensive...but if you want convenient bedding, I would say this is the best, its soft too and cant get in your hamsters eyes like straw and sawdust can