PETKIT Eversweet Smart Pet Drinking Fountain V2

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The PETKIT Eversweet Smart Pet Drinking Fountain V2 has a light sensor and volumetric water indicator with different modes for use whilst expelling healthier water to your pet. The water indicator is found on the main body of the fountain and so you can see the water level decreasing through the acrylic chamber and when the fountain will need a refill. There is also a LED Blue Light reminder which automatically lights up when the water threshold dips below certain levels. The fountain covers all intricate details from water flow, circulation, welling types, and water health all whilst looking like an elegant product. With the LED indicator there is a filter-change reminder that will flash to remind users when to change the filter. If using smart mode on constant then the filter will need to be replaced every 12 weeks and if on normal mode the suggestion from PetKit is every 4 weeks to replace the filter. It will depend on the amount of water flowing through the fountain daily and is so fully dependant on your specific pets use.


  • Mesh screens catch debris and hair
  • The carbon filter removes bad tastes and odours
  • Ion-exchange-resin will screen the heavy metal ions in water
  • 12V Industrial Leading Ultra-Silent Pump
  • Circulation filtration to deliver filtration uniquely
  • Dual modes to meet your pets needs 24/7
  • Easily refillable lid
  • Anti-slip feet underneath the fountain

V2 of the Eversweet Smart Pet Drinking Fountain has been developed so that the filter system could be improved. The filter design has changed to linear, this allows hair to pass through into the filter easier so that water in the tray is kept cleaner. The changes also allow for use of the Pet Smart Heater (this can be purchased separately) the smart heater allows you to monitor the temperature and heat the water within the fountain to an average temperature of around 25°c.

Dimensions: W18cm x D18cm x H15.5cm
Weight: 1.13kg
Liquid capacity: Approx. 2L
Colour: White

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Great water fountain, very quiet barbara-giardelli on 31 March 2020

Love it, well built, quiet and with all the right features.

Apple-like quality and silent simonwebindustriescouk on 31 January 2020

I just received the water fountain. Everything about it is excellent, from the packaging, instructions and build quality. It's like Apple-designed and made it. Even the filter bags are made of corn starch so they can be organically recycled.Other than the very subtle noise of that water bubbling there's no noise from the motor. I've placed it in our bedroom for our elderly cat who struggles to get up the stairs.I noticed a few negative reviews on Amazon, but they seem to be related to what might be a rip-off product, not the real one.This is the 2nd version of the Eversweet, which I presume is better than the first one.