Beco Unscented Compostable Poop Bags

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Extra large and thick, these Beco Unscented Compostable Poop Bags will protect your hands and cater for all poop sizes. Each roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core and fits in most standard dispensers. Meeting both ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standards for compostability, the best way to dispose of these bags is in a well-managed contained home compost for non-edible plants only. 

These home compostable dog poop bags are made from cornstarch, a plant-based material, and PBAT. When added to a well-managed compost heap, they will completely biodegrade into the natural elements they once started their starchy life as, leaving no trace.


  • Certified Home Compostable
  • Made from a plant based material
  • Unscented
  • Big and strong poop bags
  • Extra large and extra thick, they cater for almost all poop sizes and will break down once disposed of. 
  • Beco Bags have a recycled cardboard core and fit all standard bag dispensers.


Whilst these bags will break down in an industrial compost environment, most food waste composting streams do not accept pet waste, so please check before disposing.

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Very good MSP, Cornwall on 7 May 2024

Very good quality and price

Best Poop Bags Rach on 8 August 2022

Tried many other brands and these are the best so far. Good value too.

Feeding Guide

Can I compost dog poop at home? 
Yes, your dog's poop can be composted safely and used to fertilise ornamental plants, no edibles please. Below is Beco's step-by-step guide to ensure you are composting as safely as possible.

  1.  Neutralise with sawdust: In your composter, you should have 1 part sawdust and 2 parts dog waste.
    The carbon in the sawdust offsets the nitrogen rich dog poop. Naturally creating the optimum conditions for composting.
  2. Cover in a sunny spot: Cover your pile with a dark sheet of non-absorbent material or composter lid.
    This will help to absorb the heat from the sun and lock in the warmth, helping to kill the harmful bacteria.
  3. Turn weekly: Turn your compost weekly and check the temperature with a thermometer.
    Your compost must reach 73°C for 5 days to kill the bacteria in your dog's poop.
  4. Good to go: Roughly four to six weeks later your crumbly compost will be ready to feed your non-edible plants.
    From dog poop to daisies in no time. Enjoy.