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Synoquin is a nutritional joint supplement specifically formulated to support joint mobility in dogs. To maintain healthy cartilage and joint fluid, your dog requires a steady supply of key building blocks. Increasing the supply of these building blocks will guarantee their availability and ensure that if a problem occurs Synoquin will continue to provide these building blocks.


  • Glucosamine HCI - The Builder
    The major building block for the synthesis of new and healthy glycosaminolglycans GAGs
  • Chondroitin Sulphate - The Shock Absorber
    Its primary function is to give cartilage its shock absorbing properties
  • Dexahan - New Concentrated form of Krill Oil Omega 3 - Not currently found in standard fish oils
    Bioactive - Fish oils provide Omega 3 in a triglyceride form whereas krill comes in the phospholipid form
    Effective - Phospholipids have been proved to be significantly more bioactive than triglycerides
  • Ascorbic Acid - The Scavenger
    The bodies prilary water soluble antioxidant
  • Zinc Suplhate - The Synthesiser
    A key dietary trace element essential for enzymatic processes throughout the body

Suitable for: Dogs weighing between 10-25kg

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Excellent Lizzylou on 30 October 2023

I have used this before so I know it works for my 13 year old spaniel. It is appreciably cheaper than from the vet. Delivery is excellent. A win win.

Great Product, Great Value Anon on 14 August 2023

Pet planet are offering these Synoquin tablets at a better price than everyone else. Ive been using these tablets for my 3 dogs for years. My vet recommended them, but they charge too much and especially as having 3 dogs I have to shop around for best value. Delivery good. Pleased all round.

Excellent Product Anon on 22 May 2023

Pet planet is selling this extremely good product at a exceptional low price. My dogs have been on this for years, and it worked for them, but unfortunately now they are very old its not as effective.

Synoquin wendy. on 22 December 2022

Advised by our vet to give our Beagle-cross these as she was diagnosed with a loose hip from puppyhood. Seem to be helping her as she is certainly very active. Much easier to get these delivered to the door than have to visit the vet.

Used before Rod on 31 October 2022

Great value on price and delivery

great value Anon on 19 October 2022

excellent service and delivery at a great price. hoping to see some results after the six weeks as advised with medication.

Feeding Guide

The highly palatable tablets can be fed directly to your dog as a treat or broken and mixed in with their normal feed.

Do not lower the suggested intakes unless advised by your veterinary surgeon and to ensure maximum benefit, it is important to complete the initial six week loading programme as per the table:

Weight Initial Loading Programme - Six Weeks
<10kg Two Small Breed tablets daily (one morning and one evening)
10-25kg Three Medium Breed tablets daily (two morning and one evening)
25-40kg Three Large Breed tablets daily (two morning and one evening)
>40kg Four Large Breed tablets daily (two morning and two evening)

Initial Loading Programme- Six Weeks 3 tablets daily (2 am 1 pm) -  for maximum benefit it is important to complete the loading programme.

Maintenance Programme- Long Term All dogs respond differently to supplementation - however in general after the initial loading programme the daily intake can be reduced to:  1 tablet per day and if required increase intake by tablet every 4 weeks or contact your veterinary surgeon.


  Small Breed <10kg Medium Breed 10-25kg Large Breed >25kg
Glucosamine HCI (99%) 225mg 360mg 475mg
Chondroitin Sulphate (95%) 95mg 135mg 200mg
Dexahan 95mg 135mg 200mg
Ascorbic Acid 22mg 35mg 50mg
Zinc sulphate 15mg 20mg 30mg


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