Samylin Liver Supplement Large Breed Dogs

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The liver has an essential role in many body functions such as metabolism and storage of nutrients for dogs and cats suffering from hepatic liver disorders. Samylin Liver Supplement Large Breed Dogs is used for the support of liver function in large breed dogs. 


  • Helps protect the liver via a unique formation of antioxidants that provide the best possible protection
  • Contains the antioxidant Glutathione precursor SAMe and thiol donor Silybin and vitamin E for management of liver disorders.

Suitable for: Large Breed - For dogs between 30kg and 40kg


Please refer to your pack and veterinary guidance for the amount to feed to your pet.

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Very effective supplement KateH on 21 November 2022

I have been giving my 14 year old dog this for about 9 months now after he was identified as having raised liver enzymes when a blood test done in February showed his score as 556. Since then, with no other interventions, it is in the low 300's, so it must be working. I do cheat a little and give it to him in a cheesy triangle so that is is a treat and not a battle. PetPlanet is best price and delivery I have found.

Quick delivery, great price ?? Anon on 17 November 2022
Kate on 6 October 2022

Good service

Excellant Anon on 1 August 2022

The products, pricing and delivery are always excellent.

Feeding Guide

Feeding Guidelines:
Samylin comes in either sachets or tablets. Your vet may advise you which is better for your pet, or you may find your pet prefers one over the other.

Tablets must be given whole and should not be broken. The granules in sachets can be mixed with food or water.

Dosage Recommendation:

31-40kg x 2 Large Breed Tablets
41-50kg x 3 Large Breed Tablets


Composition, each tablet contains: 
400mg - S-adenosyl L-methionine (SAMe)
– the S,S-SAMe isomer is included in Samylin, which is the active form and is integral to correct hepatic function. It is enteric coated in Samylin to ensure stability and bioavailability
53mg - Silybin – the most active molecule found in milk thistle extract. The Silybin in Samylin is conjugated with phosphatidylcholine, which increases its bioavailability, facilitating its actions as a free radical scavenger in the liver
50mg - Vitamin E – a very potent antioxidant and lipid soluble vitamin, which can support the function of hepatocytes from within the lipid soluble environment of the cell membranes
66mg - Vitamin C


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