Cats Best Sensitive Cat Litter

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Cats Best Sensitive Cat Litter is made from 100% natural organic fibres and is a highly functional clumping litter that works as a natural odour and germ trap.

This highly effective litter is absorption activated with a fine grade and comes with hygiene-pearls. These green organic hygiene pearls have a special, natural odour blocker to ensure that no smell can develop, giving long-lasting hygiene in your cat litter tray.

  • Absorption activated fine grade with hygiene-pearls.
  • Firm clumping.
  • Natural odour and germ trap.
  • Extremely efficient – Base litter can be used for up to 8 weeks.
  • Compostable and 100 % biodegradable.
  • Dramatically less waste.
  • For the same output approx. only one third of the weight of mineral products.
  • Waste clumps can be disposed* of in the normal household toilet *be sure to check your local disposal regulations.

You will love this cat litter as it is a long lasting environmentally friendly litter that traps germs and smells, and your cat will love it as it has a fine grade that is kind to their paws.

Cat’s Best Sensitive is a pure natural product, produced from 100 % renewable organic fibre – raw material without artificial and chemical additives. For the production of Cat’s Best Sensitive only the finest organic fibres are used, which come from untreated, domestic fir and spruce wood. These plant products come from well-managed forests, and for this Cat’s Best is certified according to PEFC.

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Love this cat litter chanti on 15 March 2024

I bought this as an alternative to another clumping litter I used to buy that increased in price (from another company). Very happy with the litter, all smells stay in the litter box within the litter and it clumps well. It's the second time buying this particular litter and will be buying again!

Great Cat Litter chanti on 2 January 2024

I started looking for alternative cat litter after my original litter was changed by another supplier. I found this one, read the reviews and decided to buy a couple of bags to try out. Oh my, this is brilliant, hides cat smells, and is so much better than my previous litter. I will be buying this from now on. Delivery was quick and no issues whatsoever. Very pleased with my purchase

Perfect for Fussy Cats! Helen on 9 November 2023

After being ill, our cat completely went off her usual litter, so after reading the reviews, we changed her litter to this one & although it is a bit more expensive than others, this one seems to our cat's liking!! It is quite economical & there are no odours coming from her tray at all.

Good product Philo2 on 15 February 2023

This is the first time I have used this cat litter but it seems what I was looking for in a product. I look forward to using it.

The best g on 13 February 2023

I found this product from a friend that lives in Spain. Their house is always 25 to 30 degrees, she recycled the same litter in the tray for 3 months in that heat , never attracts flies. I have tested this with my 2 cats , and they even started using the same litter tray! I couldnt believe it! As long as you clean the spot on the tray , where they have used it ( I use felight or Envii pet fresh) , and new newspaper , This litter will last for over 2 months Other brands you have to throw all of the litter away ,and you end up using a lot more I bought an 8kg bag last week, and it will last me till next year.

Great product srm on 16 March 2022

I have been using this for my 2 cats for a few years now and I've tried a few other types but this is by far the best I've used