Company of Animals Boomer Ball 4in

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The ultimate tough ball, the Boomer Ball is ideal for ball-obsessed toy-destroyers who love to fetch.


  • Suitable for most breeds of dog
  • Made of super-tough polyethylene
  • Hard for any dog to puncture or rip
  • Great dog toy for bored pets, as playing with it promotes both physical and mental stimulation.
  • Well-suited for high energy dogs who need a tough toy

Suitable for: All breed and sized dogs, ensure that the boomer ball you choose is slightly larger than your pets mouth. 

Suggested Breeds: Jack Russell, West Highland Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier

Colour: Unfortunately, we cannot offer a choice of colour with this item.

Dimensions, approx: 10cm


This toy is not indestructible. All pets should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

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Excellent ferret ball! Rupert, inc on 9 May 2022

The smallest size is excellent for ferrets! Hard and shiny plastic, means they cannot bite it or break it. So it is safe for unsupervised play. Big enough to roll around and pounce on, shiny enough to skitter away when pounced on for more chasing fun! Not guaranteed that your ferrets will want to play with it - but if they do, then it is the perfect safe ball in a world of unsafe rubber or soft plastic balls.

Boomer Anon on 2 January 2020
love it ,cut nose black eyes dianefraser1 on 29 February 2016

my staffie diesel loves his boomer balls ,he has the 8 and 10 inch ones, only problem is that he heads it and pushes it so hard that he cuts his nose and gives himself a black eye, would be great if it was covered in something like leather

Fantastic chris on 12 March 2013

Jimmy our 9monthold labrador cross just loves this ball Its too big for him to pick up so we play football with it Its really tough so he can be as rough as he wants

Brilliant brbayliss on 23 September 2012

I am the fourth owner of a rescue Staffie x Collie when I had him his nose had a hole from constancely licking before he started playing with the ball I put suda crem on he absolutely loves his 8 Boomer Ball it only lasted 3 weeks before it was covered in holes got another it was 10 days when holes appeared he dribbles it then picks up on his nose x28no sign of any sores now or redness dont put cream on nowx29 and runs with it x28looks like a seal with a ball on his nosex29 Had 1st prize at a local dog show for best trick When he has enough he just picks it up and carries the ball back to car or house It is best to use in a large area with the barking through the excitement of playing with the ball

Lab LOVES it pbirss on 29 March 2012

This is the best toy I could have bought my lively lab He kicks it and noses it like its a football but it wont burst Fantastic Hours of fun in all weathers Only disadvantage had been that he loves it so much he gets a sore nose from too much playing


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