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Keep your kitty in shape with the Slim Cat Sport Ball from Multivet! Overweight cats will particularly benefit from the Slim Cat ball as the idea is this ball distributes an adjustable amount of food whilst your cat plays with it. Fill the treat ball with your own choice of dry food or treats and let your car work off some energy by rolling the ball around! Designed with a cat's natural playful and hunting instinct in mind, the Slim Cat provides fun and exercise and alleviates boredom.
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The cats enjoy this raclondon on 28 May 2020

The ball is a bit clunky so they dont bat it around like a ping pong ball, they pat it to get a few cat biscuits out for a little snack. I think its reduced the amount of grazing they were doing between mealtimes. Its really easy to fill and a good design feature is being able to adjust the size of the holes depending on the size of dry food you have.

Cat Gives Four ‘Thumbs’ Up! Memouse on 8 September 2019

I have a greedy and very clever rescue moggie who benefits from as much stimulation as possible to keep him out of trouble. This is the second one of these I have used. The other is still in use but I wanted to have two so that I always had a clean one to hand. When I feed him and his sister I put about a third of his food in a bowl and the rest in this treat ball. It’s so simple and effective and does keep him occupied and challenged. It is easy to fill, and to adjust the holes to the size needed for the kibble type used. Being a bright colour also means I don’t have to hunt too hard to find it after he’s been shoving it everywhere! A little tip is that I use an old toothbrush to more fully clean the inside which works well. Great product and excellent value.

Treat ball training! whitmorez on 22 June 2018

To ease boredom I purchased this ball to feed her biscuits daily. She took to it well and is now an expert. Really easy to fill and clean 10/10

Great idea Kellie Cockcroft on 6 February 2015

I had never seen one of these balls before buying this one for my cat I think they are a really good idea and incorporate play with feeding which means that your cat has to work for their dinner We use ours for times when we are out so that the cat has a supply of biscuits but she can not just go to her bowl and gobble them all up at once So far we really love this product

Great gentlygently01 on 8 January 2015

This is brilliant My cat loves this unlike the cat scratchers I bought for her

Deborah Blackburn on 20 November 2014


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