Cleanaural Dog Ear Cleaner - 100ml

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Cleanaural Ear Cleaner is a specially formulated solution of organic solvents and moisturisers designed to clean both healthy and infected ears and maintain them in good condition. Strong enough to rapidly soften and dissolve hardened accumulated wax and debris yet gentle enough for regular use. CleanAural has the added benefit of not staining or discolouring the hair around the ears and has a neutral pH so it does not act against antibiotics or irritate as much as other ear cleaners.

Contents: 100ml bottle with applicator

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Really good product et on 6 May 2016

The product itself is very good.

Best ear cleaner Mary T on 4 December 2014

Very efficient ear cleaner not harsh like some ideal for my labrador with atopic dermatitis who suffers badly with her ears x28recommended by her veterinary dermatologistx29 also ideal for routine cleaning of my spaniels ears

Good value tom239 on 3 March 2010

Same item as supplied by the vet but half the price.

Excellent preventative product. D.S. on 16 February 2021

I use Cleanaural as drops (3 in my dog's ears / 2-3 times a week) This prevents recurrent ear infections, which as a Tibetan Terrier he was very prone to. Good product, well worth the modest outlay to prevent pain, distress and vet's bills for antbiotic and anti-inflammatory treatments.

great value lisamabin515 on 26 April 2013

alot comes out when you squeeze it but my dog has stopped scratching his ears so far and he has sensitive ears so brilliant for my dog

Feeding Guide

Place the tip of the nozzle in the upper part of the ear canal.

Gently squeeze the bottle.

Apply CleanAural liberally into each ear canal.

Gently massage the outside of the ear canal, before allowing the dog to shake its head.

Finally wipe away any visible dirt and ear wax with cotton wool. If the ears are very dirty repeat the application.

CleanAural may be applied once or twice a week or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

Always seek a veterinary surgeons advice if the dogs ear is painful or if the production of wax has increased.


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