VetIQ Healthy Breath & Dental Care Treats Dogs 70g


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VetIQ Healthly Treats from Mark & Chappell use a co-extrusion process to inject a cream filling into the pillow-shaped cereal shell.

This makes it easy to administer discrete quantities of active ingredients in a single treat without the difficulty of feeding a tablet or the inconvenience of dispensing liquids. These Breath and Dental Care Treats contain an edible toothpaste with mild abrasive agents that will help to reduce the build-up of tartar and plaque in the mouth, while breath freshening agents - eucalyptus, cinnamon & parsley seed oil, continue the fight against bad breath by targeting it at it's source, in the stomach. So even after mealtimes these treats continue to be effective!

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Excellent michaelandlindaandlinda on 15 April 2019
Asia loves them Jan Leach on 19 January 2018

My pug loves it when these biscuits are brought out

Excellent MC breath Dental on 19 July 2017

Excellent, dog loves them,fast delivery, no mistakes, Thankyou

The dog loves them dnews on 22 February 2017

I buy these regularly, a firm favourite with the dog

Dental Treats. EDWARD on 22 February 2017

My dog Diva likes them.

good value,dogs love it,lots of small bites lasts a long time donnamccubbin on 17 November 2016

I buy one pack between two dogs and this lasts well.Dogs love it.Contains lots of small bite size pieces which I use as occassional bribes/rewards for my big labradors and one pack does us a while.


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