Royal Canin Veterinary Health Nutrition Urinary S/O Canine Wet Dog Food - 12x410g cans

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Urinary S/O Canine effectively dissolves struvite uroliths. In addition, an acidic urinary pH is unfavourable to the development of bacteria, which are frequently associated with struvite uroliths.
Diluting urine decreases the urinary concentration of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. Greater urinary volumes also ensures regular bladder wash-out.
Undersaturated urine is an environment where crystals cannot proliferate. Thus the urine is unfavourable to the development of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.
Magnesium is a component of struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate uroliths).



  • Struvite dissolution - Helps dissolve all types of struvite stones.
  • Urine dilution - Urine dilution makes the urine less liable to form struvite and calcium oxalate stones.
  • Low RRS - Helps lower the concentration of ions contributing to crystal formation.


RECOMMENDED FOR CASES OF; Struvite uroliths: dissolution and management of recurrence, Calcium oxalate uroliths: management of recurrence, Bacterial cystitis: management of secondary struvite crystalluria (in association with adequate antibiotherapy).

NOT RECOMMENDED IN CASE OF; Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Heart disease (when sodium restriction is sought), Concurrent use of urine-acidifying medication, Growth, gestation/lactation.

Contents: 12 x 410g cans

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Anon on 4 July 2022

Brilliant company very quick on delivery cant praise them enough

Good food, fast delivery ! kassie w on 6 July 2021

Good for balancing pancreatitis and bladder stones. Low fat at 6.5 percent, which is more than chappy at 3.5 percent but there's little choice with bladder stones and pancreatitis. The dry biscuits are allot higher in fat and for a dog that doesn't drink much the wet food is the answer, although it's generally allot more expensive but cheaper than vets fees!

Appears to work well Paul C on 8 February 2019

Good value food for my Pug that suffers from Bladder Stones. Her Symptoms are blood in Urine, she enjoys it, but then again she will eat anything. Should be fed exclusively for at least a couple of months - i.e. no treats. Appears to clear up after a while, this second time we have used this in a few years. But the vet will know best.

Great price anneballinger1 on 2 March 2017

My dog suffers from struvite crystals and really likes this make she have tried another make Which upset her, got these on special price, much cheaper than the vets and local pet super store.

Excellent helenbrown4 on 24 February 2017
Service is good & reliable. I received my order promptly without any problems. Will b using this company for all my orders. falconer-marie on 19 January 2017

*****Service is excellent . Received my order on time. Will be using them for all my pets food etc Marie Falconer

Feeding Guide

Dog Weight Weight Condition
Thin Normal Overweight
2kg 1/2 1/2 1/2
5kg 1 1 3/4
10kg 1 + 3/4 1 + 1/2 1 + 3/4
15kg 2 + 1/4 2 1 + 3/4
20kg 2 + 3/4 2 + 1/2 2 + 1/4

Feeding amounts should be adjusted to suit your individual pet, based on their body condition score and other factors. Please consult your vet for further advice.

Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. 



Meat and animal derivatives (chicken and pork meat), oils and fats (sunflower oil, fish oil), cereals (corn flour, corn starch), derivatives of vegetable origin (cellulose, gelling agent, marigold extract), minerals, various sugars (caramel).

Analytical Constituents:

Crude ash: 2%. Crude fibre: 1.4%. Crude oil fats: 6%. Moisture: 78%. Protein: 8%.


Vitamin D3: 190 IU, E1 (Iron): 3.4 mg, E2 (Iodine): 0.24 mg, E4 (Copper): 2 mg, E5 (Manganese): 1 mg, E6 (Zinc): 10 mg, Urine acidifying substances: calcium sulfate: 0.25%. Technological additives: (acidity regulator) sodium bisulfate: 0.56 g.