Hills Prescription Diet Dog L/D Liver Care - 12x370g Cans


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Hills Prescription Diet Dog l/d 5kg) Hills Prescription Diet Dog l/d 5kg
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Prescription Diet Canine l/d was created specifically for the nutritional management dogs with liver disorders that cause reduced liver function.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps managing dogs with liver disease.
  • Highly digestible protein, carbohydrate and fats.
  • Helps limit the production of metabolic toxins from nutrients.
  • Helps reduce the workload of the liver

Please consult your vet for further information and guidance on what is best for your dog.

Contents: 12x 370g Cans

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Good value Sylvia on 14 March 2017

Order came promptly and good price

Great service Davidfrogmanredhead on 27 September 2016

The service we got was a little shackie in the beginning but all sorted out then the service was excellent the food came in just a few day's and the courier was verygood they sent us a email to let us know when they expected to diliver then rang us 10: minutes before they delivere so everything went very well and we're very pleased

A great benefit to support liver function anonamullan on 2 March 2015

This prescription diet has probably helped to save the life of our much loved West Highland Terrier She has very little liver function This time last year we felt that she would not survive However with our Vets advice and medication plus feeding her specialist Liver Diet products to support what little liver function she has she is enjoying life She is 11 years old in April and her liver will never recover from the damage but she enjoys life to the full She may not live to a great age but it will be a happier one

Not the greatest of smell but it doesnt put Bonnie off touchwoodbrand on 10 May 2014

Bonnie is a 14 yr old Westie and has a build up of triglycerides liver and gall bladder not working fully vets put her on this food she has been on it for a year and things have improved for her

Dog loves it robwoods on 7 June 2012

My oldest dog had been diagnosed with dementia which has been triggered by the fact that her liver is knackered and the enzymes not cleaned by the liver go to the brain She has been on this food for the past 3 weeks Although the food looks awful in the tin she wolfs it down Her bad spells in the past 2 weeks have been fewer than previously Ill definitely be sticking with it to see if this continues

Wet food Sheena on 13 February 2017

Good price, much cheaper than available from vets, took about a week to arrive from placing my order.Sadly my dog won't eat it & he usually eats everything. It doesn't look like wet food, very dry & crumbly when spooned into a bowl. I added some warm water to try to make it more appetising but other than releasing a strong smell I still can't persuade my dog to eat this, I also bought the dry food & despite eating for a few days my dog is also now refusing this & going hungry. I'm trying to persist as it was vet recommended & I want to prolong my dogs life if I can.

Feeding Guide

These ranges are a starting point only, because dogs' needs vary. Adjust the feeding amount to maitain optimal body weight.

Based on a puppy's age and weight, feed the same number of cans or grams as shown for Science PlanTMPuppy Healthy DevelopmentTM in the Daily Feeding Amounts for puppies

Body Weight kg Cans 370 g
2.5 1/3 - 1/2
5 1/2 - 3/4
10 1 - 1 1/3
20 1 2/3 - 2 1/4
30 2 1/4 - 3
40 2 2/3 - 3 3/4
50 3 1/4 - 4 1/2
60 + 3/4 per 10 kg

A 370g can is equal to 120 grams of the dry food.9


Rice, animal fat, soybean meal, soybean oil, dried egg, maize starch, maize gluten meal, digest, minerals, cellulose, fish oil, dried beet pulp, vitamins and trace elements.