Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules - 600g


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Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules are a revolutionary product, using urine encapsulation technology to trap and destroy smells that arise from used animal bedding. The granules provide a biological action, using friendly-microbes which are harmless to pets and people. The friendly-microbes work by digesting organic debris such as animal urine, and help to neutralise and break down odours.

Reducing the smell around your pet’s cage or hutch will also help to decrease its attraction to flies and reduce the risk of flystrike. Just one sprinkling of Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules will keep your pet’s cage or hutch fresher for one week.

Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules are suitable to be used with all types of animal bedding.


  • Urine encapsulation technology which reduces the smells from used animal bedding
  • Biological action using friendly-microbe technology
  • Keeps the hutch fresher for longer
  • Ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor hutches
  • Suitable to be used with all types of animal bedding


Contents: 600g

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?? Lidia on 25 January 2022

Excellent product!

paula on 9 February 2020

I would recommend this product for the rabbits toilet area, my rabbits don't seem bothered by the smell of the crystals, it as a nice smell.

Does the job! rajanek on 31 July 2018

I can't say I've noticed a huge smell with my 2x rabbits hutches anyways but got this just to help keep things a bit fresher. I thought it would be chunky granules but it's like a fine powder, similar to washing powder. I sprinkle this in their litter tray then top it with litter pellets and some hay. Haven't had any issue with them trying to eat/lick it too which is what I was worried about! Keeps their hutches smelling a little more floral without smelling like hay or an old lady floral. Would really recommend!

Great product pixiofpinkness on 23 August 2016

I use this in my bunnies litter trays and it prevents smells and lasts a long time - even with two litter boxes!! At first I thought the smell would put my bunny off but he it doesn't bother him

Scent from heaven ;0) SunShiney on 5 March 2022

Having only ever had rabbits live in large hutches outside, I never really noticed how strong the urine smell can be until I recently adopted a rescue bunny who is a house rabbit and not fully litter trained. Oh dear, even with twice daily litter tray changes, I found the smell rather unpleasant. So until the summer, when she will gradually be weaned into a garden rabbit, I needed to find something to help mask the smell. These cage fresh granules certainly help; we get through bottles of the stuff! I'm litter training bunny and have noticed that if I sprinkle the granules in areas where she has previously had a wee, she will not tend to return to that spot. Seems to be encouraging increased litter tray usage which makes refreshing the cage an easier job each day.

Good apart from delivery eleanor38 on 9 July 2018

A great product. I always use it before putting the sawdust in my hutch. However, the package had been damaged at some point before it got to me, and the lid had snapped off so the granules were loose in the box with everything else. Had to save as much as we could.

Feeding Guide


1. Remove any bedding from your pet’s cage or hutch and clean their housing as normal.

2. Once the cage or hutch is dry, sprinkle Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules onto the base, especially in any areas that they use regularly for toileting.

3. Place a normal amount of clean bedding on top of the granules.

Repeat every time you clean your animals out.