Hind Walkabout Sling/Harness Medium/Large

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This harness is great for pets that are physically challenged or have structural limitations and can be used on amputees. Designed to help dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal trauma and general fatigue it can be used on animals that have nerve damage, need soft tissue management, sporting dogs, and police dogs.

The harness is designed to give necessary support and balance for your pet. It is also useful for pet owners or handlers in avoiding personal injury. Does not interfere with the natural functions, your dog will be able to defaecate and urinate as usual.

The Rear Harness is designed to fit male and female pets.
Medium/Large will fit dogs measuring 51-74cm around the abdomen in front of the legs and 28-38cm around the back leg where it meets the body.

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Excellent product hayley on 20 July 2018

This product would have been perfect. Unfortunately it was too tight on my dogs thighs (the slots for the legs are approx 60 mm or 6.5 inches). I have a very large long coat German Shepherd. I cannot fault the support. It's really nice soft flexible fabric. It's a shame it was just too tight. All in all the product is great, the fabrics is soft but sturdy. It would maybe suit a slimmer legged dog.

We needed help and this was the answer Dobie Fan on 7 May 2017

Our elderly doberman has been a little wobbly on her back legs for a little while now, but she suddenly deteriorated and could not hold herself up even to go to the loo. The harness proved a boon as we could hold her up or steady her as she needed. It seems that she may have injured herself and this caused her rapid deterioration, but now she is gradually regaining the strength in her back legs, can go to the loo unaided and is no longer dependent on the harness, but it always comes out on her especially wobbly days and is worth its weight in gold!

Brilliant harness Jayne on 3 January 2017

This harness is absolutely brilliant like an earlier review I was a bit unsure how it would work but after a couple of tries it was fine. Our 13 year old Labrador walks around the field again quite happily after his walks had to stop due to his back legs giving way on him , I would recommend you give it a try it was money well spent thankyou

Would have been ideal Miss Roma Zanre on 11 May 2016

Unfortunately I could not use this on my dog, no matter how hard I tried , he was having none of it. As soon as I tried to put it on him he was in a blind panic, falling over and dragging himself away. Now I'm trying to find someone I can sell it on to. It would have been a brilliant help and ideal, but my old boy was getting too stressed. I've re sore back to a medi harness.

Invaluable great buy Wendyneal on 31 July 2014

I bought this harness for my collie cross after cruiate ligament op to support my old boy this did the job beautifully I will admit its a bit of a faf to get it on especially when you are trying to be careful post op but once on it allowed him to wander and do his business safely supported and has helped with his rehab

helpfull aid Mr P Weller on 29 January 2007

this product is really good value,and was such a great help for my wife and i to move our retreiver with spinal damage and arthritus

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Q: Is this the right size for a labrador?
A: We would advise measuring your dog to ensure the item will fit: Medium/Large will fit dogs measuring 51-74cm around the abdomen in front of the legs and 28-38cm around the back leg where it meets the body.


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