Price Promise

Due to our size we are able to buy on the best terms available and pass on that benefit to our customers by offering the keenest prices on the Internet. We check competitors' pricing regularly to ensure this is the case (but with 1,000's of products and competitors changing prices this is an unending task!) so:

If, within 14 days of making a purchase at, you are able to show that a product you have purchased from us is available (in stock and available at equivalent delivery speed) from another website* at a lower delivered price (i.e. including shipping charges) then we will

credit the difference back to your card
Offer you a credit for double the difference off your next order

To claim a "Price Promise" credit contact us using our online form with the enquiry title marked "Price Promise" quoting your order number and with a link to where you have found the product available cheaper online. The Price Promise does not apply if we discover that the competitor website does not in fact have the goods in stock and/or cannot deliver within the timeframe quoted.

You may only claim a Price Promise discount once against any specific product: let us explain why ... In the vast majority of cases we will amend our price to match that of the competition on an on-going basis. There may however be times when a competitor has found a 'grey market' source for a product that we are not comfortable to use or that a competitor has made a mistake in product pricing. In those instances we would rather you tried sourcing from another site (and find out if they really deliver as promised) than move our ongoing price to an unsustainable level.

* Excludes ebay, Amazon merchants, closing down, clearance or promotional sales and itself (we cannot give refunds retrospectively for new buying advantages or supplier deals that we pass on to our customers). Also excludes veterinary medicinal products where for the safety of your pet we have a qualified professional check all orders to ensure suitability for your pet.