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Johnsons Ear Drops

Johnsons Ear Drops

by Johnsons

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These Johnson's Ear Drops are suitable for both cats and dogs and are great for killing mites and erradicating wax.

Containing pyrethrum which has natural insecticidal properties and repels nasty bugs, the drops also soothe irritation and assist the healing process. Suitable for dog, cats, puppies and kittens over 12 weeks. 15 ml.

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Love it
Cleared up my dog ears lovely, would recommend this product.
good value
I use this ear drops all the timeI have a poodle with his long ears you never know what he can pick upI do his ears once a week he never has a problem
Skank to Stud
Have recently been adopted by a stray tom who had really manky black inner ears These drops have cleared his ears in 5 days and have been much more effective then anything Ive had in the past from the vet Great product
Never without them
I always have so of these in Excellent value Have cleared ear mites in my dogs and if they have excessive ear wax it clears that too These drops are much cheaper than a trip to the vets
This was purchased for my parents pooch, who's a Lhapso Apso. He often gets what I call 'wet ear'. Which can be very itchy for him. This product did the job, and for 3.00 you can't grumble!
Done the job and great value
Good Stuff
Found this product to work much better than the normal ear cleaner which i would normally purchase from the vets, price wise it's very reasonable
Great All Round Product!
After using this a few times my cats ears looked much cleaner, and the ear mites have now moved out!
Ear drops
poop freeze
quite a bit cheaper than a visit to the vets, seemed to do the trick.
No more head shaking!
Very effective against the ear mites our dogs caught from an old sofa someone - a cat owner - gave us that we put in their kennel. We won't do that again! Apparently the mites cross perfectly happily between cats and dogs, they can also hibernate in upholstery. I couldn't buy this particular product from our local pet shops and felt that for a bad infestation, we needed something with a mild insecticide. These ear drops are working with no side effects and are very reasonably priced.