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Karlie Hay Manger

This product can be found in: Guinea Pig Accessories | Small Animal Accessories

Karlie Hay Manger

Product Code: 58431
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
The Karlie Hay Manger will simply hang from the side of your cage to enable you to offer your small animal hay whenever they want it.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
highly recommened posted on 25/08/2012 by xdigitalstarsx
This is one of the best products ever invented for guinea pigs. I have never seen both my boys so content with it in their cage. When I put their new hay racks in their cage yesterday I got so many popcorns from Thor and today I found him sleeping beside it and protecting it! Scary guard guinea pig haha!! It took a bit of time for my oldest guinea pig Tornado to get used to it as he doesn't like change and is set in his ways but he likes it too. I wish I had bought this right at the start its going to save me so much money and hay its self. Hopefully reduce back pain from lifting heavy cages with a lot of hay in it. You can get a good amount of hay in these hay racks for the size of it. Please do not be put off by the size of the product. What a great product and good value for your money as well :)
great value posted on 25/03/2012 by itsalwayschristmas
this hay rack is the first ive ever bought so i dont have much experience on whats good and whats not but i can find nothing wrong with this product it is good value sturdy durable safe to chew and good size i would seriously recommend this hay rack to any first time or experienced small pet owners trust me when i say it is not worth buying a more expensive one from the highstreet
the best hay rack ever posted on 11/05/2012 by FAYE40
the 1st one i bought of these was faulty with a spoke that stuck out but petplanet were exc and sent me a replacement immediately my 2 guineas love it as i can fit loadsa hay in there for themthey munch for hours the best bit is it keeps their hay clean and pee free i never put hay on their floor as it just gets filthy and what animal wants to eat hay with pee only thing id say is that the hooks need to be more secure when they fit onto the cage as sometimes my guineas just sneak underneath it and headbutt it off so id def say to the manufacturersnext time please put solid clips on there instead of hooks then it will stay on the bars properly overall tho the best hay rack ive used and ive tried many
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