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Plush Cat Tunnel by PetPlanet

Plush Cat Tunnel by PetPlanet

by PetPlanet

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

This plush cat tunnel is so cosy and comfortable, you will undoubtedly find your feline friend curled up in a ball in the middle of it. The idea is your cat can use it for play or cosy time.

It features a hanging toy at one end that will keep your cat interested all the more as he / she claws and pounces reaching for it.

The tunnel can be folded into a compact cylinder when not in use. With its lovely texture, two-tone appearance and manoeuvrability, this toy will become a favourite for years to come!

Dimensions: approx. 27cm diameter x L50cm

Please note: this is only rigid at the ends.

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My cat Benjamin loves this Tunnel, well worth the money. He plays and sleeps in it.
Great value
well worth the money excellent delievery
Great product
Cats seem to love sleeping in bags and tunnels, and mine is no exception. This tunnel has a nice crinkly-sounding texture going on under the furry bit, too, which he loves. It's quite small and so easy to place in an out-of-the-way spot so you don't accidentally tread on or trip over it(!). I leave mine under the bed in the spare room, where the cat goes to seek it out for a sleep. My cat ignores the toy completely, but hey ho, that's cats for you!
Fantastic value
I did not think that this could be such a success, but this lovely tunnel is more then just great value toy, it is great fun for Hamish and he also sleeps in it too.
Cat tunnel with style
Stuart Halliday
Yes its a short cat tunnel Its very soft and well made Just wish it had a rod going through it to stop it collapsing in on itself Im often pulling the ends apart Hard to keep upright though Ok really doesnt need to be one way up but it has a dangling toy on it so you kind of want it to be at the top of the circle entrance dont you So far after several weeks my 12 year old cat hasnt touched it despite spraying it with cat pheromones Oh well luck of the draw I guess nothing to do with the item x29 Consider selling one with a bendy plastic rod in it guys
Great fun
Trixies mum
Our new kitten Trixie 10 weeks likes it to play with and sleep in It makes a great noise which gets her going mad with play On more than one occasion she has fallen asleep in it through too much play Other times she has got another toy and played with it in the tunnel It could do with being a bit stiffer although she manages to escape or just carry on playing when it collapses on her Also the soft play toy it came with was not attached and I needed to sew it on Still a fun item and good value
It was ok
It is a god product. However i did not realise that it easily folds up when my cat goes inside. So she does get scared to go inside it.
rather sleep than play
Due to the tunnel not staying in a tunnel shape (no rod through the middle although does state this in the description) my 2 kittens prefer to sleep in this. One of my kittens went mental for the little dangling toy. Not sure if this has catnip in as it sent him crazy, he's pulled it off and we had to hide it. good quality material just wish it had a detachable rod to keep it upright.
This item was loved by Archibald. The little dangle toy is one of his faves although it didn't last a week before it was chewed off (Not sure if that's a fault in the quality of the item or because he's teething and chews excessivly on things at the moment). The tunnel itself is a nice item; it's well made and the fabric is lovely and soft. However, there's no support to it and so it just folds and collapses on itself. He loves to sit in it though. It's well used but I just wish that it was able to be used as the item it's intended to be.
Cats have ignored this
We have two one year old cats and they love their tunnel so thought that this would be great. Upon receipt realised it is so small that our two boys prob wont fit in it. The only interest shown is of the dangly toy which got ripped off within 10 mins. The tunnel itself is pretty useless wouldn't recommend this item unless its for a small kitten. An average cat wont go through this because they'd get stuck ,it twists and collapses, they know this so have ignored it. It is well made and soft but no at very well thought through design.

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