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Cat Puzzle Toy by PetPlanet

Cat Puzzle Toy by PetPlanet

by PetPlanet

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Stimulate and entertain your cat with this Cat Puzzle Toy by PetPlanet.

This ingenious toy will help to entertain your cat, lifting boredom, and providing them with a treat for their efforts. You may need to show your feline friend at first how the puzzle works, but they will pick up how to play with it quickly, giving them the necessary challenge to improve their problem solving skills.

  • Stimulates and enhances problem solving
  • Easy clean plastic construction
  • Non-slip feet

Your cat is encouraged to paw the sliders, and when they move they will reveal treats in the base to reward them for their intellect. The puzzle will keep your cat active and entertained, providing you both with quality play time together.

Dimensions: H4 x 23cm Diameter

Please note: this toy is not indestructible. Please supervise play and replace when worn.

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Christmas Gift
I bought this for my sisters cat as he likes a treat! She assured me he will love it.
Excellent value!
Our 2 cats love this - they were a bit wary at first but soon worked it out - fun watching them play with it.
Very good grooming glove both glove and game good value. My cat has mastered what you have to do to get the treats.
Clever kitty
I was worried my 5-month-old kitten would struggle with this but she got it straight away. I like things like this that make them work for their treats. I would recommend this
Cats love it
I have a senile cat and bought this to exercise his brain. He loves it as does his brother. When I say treat time they rush over and canít wait to find treats. Senile cat is the cleverest at finding the treats.
Value for money
My cat really enjoys this activity and looks forward to getting the treats.
My kitten loves it.
My kitten loves this toy. It doesn't take him long to move the discs to get the treat. He pushes the discs with his nose not his paws but which ever way works for him.
Cat loves this took her a bit of time to work it out.
I started by putting her favourite Royal Canin dry food in all the holes and left the covered ones open a millimetre or two so she could smell the food inside. She watched me fill the holes, cover four of them and seemed to look a little puzzled, she got the hang of it after a bit and either moved the little covers with her nose or paw and ate the food. I have also tried I'd with cooked steak cubes that I dry out as treats for her she can figure it out every time now. A good strong product that will last.
Great product
Both of my cats (just over 1 year old) grasped the concept of this very quickly. I started by putting a few treats in all the holes and half covering 4 of them. The treats didn't last more than a few minutes so the next time I completely covered all 4 holes. I'm trying to think of ways to make it more challenging as they didn't have much trouble al all figuring it out. Makes the treats last a little longer than usual!! Very sturdy item. I didn't realise it would be a bright pink (my two boys don't seem to mind though!) and I'm not sure it comes in other colours. All in all a great little toy to make the cat treats last a little longer than usual and also stimulate the cats senses
Wonderfully made and my cat loves it
Its a sturdy little thing especially for the price and my cat went over to it straight away and knew what to do I was very impressed I expected it to take longer so perhaps I need to up my game and get another more challenging one but she seemed very entertained by it and has returned several times in case there are more treats x28I havent refilled it yetx29 In case it isnt clear from the photo it has 6 compartments and 4 lids that slide freely and cleanly in a ring around the feeder to expose treats hidden below This means you can start them with treats that are uncovered if they dont get the idea or half cover them so they get the smell of the treat but have to move it to get to it I was concerned that the lids may not move easily and it could be frustrating for her but they slide smoothly without a great deal of force Its certainly kept my cats brain busy trying to work out which door it could be in and once she found it she methodically opened each one just to be sure A good purchase thank you

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