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Purrshire Rapunzel Cat Tree 180cm Height

Purrshire Rapunzel Cat Tree - 180cm Height

Product Code: 65198
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The Purrshire Rapunzel Cat Tree hosts a veritable plethora of exciting cat activities.

There are 5 levels to pounce up and down from, great ladders to climb, three lookout posts to survey the room for potential stealth attacks, plenty of plush fabric areas to relax on, two cosy hideouts to snooze in, posts to scratch or stretch up on and even dangly toys to attack and swat away at.

Hours of fun for your cat that will provide great amusement for you. The sisal covered posts allow cats to carry out their natural instinct to scratch, to prevent their claws from breaking or being ripped out. Now, hopefully, scratching your furniture will be a thing of the past!

Overall Dimensions: L60 x W55 x H180cm
Base area: L60 x W55cm
1st Hidey House entrances: W15 x H18cm
1st Hidey house window: 10cm diameter
Ladders: L40cm
2nd Hidey house entrances: W15 x H18cm


This toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Cats love it. posted on 20/03/2018 by Tracy M
Product arrived quickly from Pet Planet. Fairly easy to build it by myself, having several other Purrshire products already I am used to the way they go together. My 6 cats love it & use it all the time. They especially love the height of the top platforms. I would recommend this product to anyone with cats.
Great value posted on 23/02/2018 by
I have a large cat (over 5kg) and he's so energetic he knocked his other cat tree down all the time. However, as this one has four posts and is a very substantial size he can run up and down it all he wants with only a bit of wobble. The tops of the cat tree are plenty big enough for him to sleep on and it was very easy to put together.
Shame posted on 17/02/2018 by
My 3 girls love this. It took about 20 mins to put together. It was only once we had put it together and stood back that we notice the top square hideout was broken on one side it's such as shame. But I have kept it as I couldntbdo with the hassle of taking it down and sending it back.. But apart from that it's great value for money the cats love it.. we even put the dog bed at the bottom so he didn't feel left out lol . If your thinking of buying it go for it. Just remember it's big lol.. But worth it ..
Strength and patience needed for assembly! posted on 16/11/2017 by Cat owner
This was a bought as a special treat for my 2 cats who have recently had to adapt to becoming house-cats. I particularly chose this design as one of my cats only has 3legs and the ladders and ramps make this quite accessible for him! My cats are cautiously getting used to their new activity centre and the neutral colours looks don't look out of place with my own furniture. On a side note, this was not easy to put together and is very heavy (24kgs) but is sturdy and feels quite safe and topple-free.
Wilbur and Willow say thank you posted on 21/07/2017 by babskatz
I have two part persian black cats - Wilbur and Willow - and have just purchased this cat tree. It arrived very promptly in an extremely strong box and I put it together myself (I am in my 70s) so ease of instructions. The cats "helped" in this and haven't been off it ever since. I did have to customise it a bit - Willow is a three legged cat - by taking the higher ladder off so she could relax on the house. And both of them took objection to the highest perch so that came off too. It is an incredibly good purchase and all three of us say thank you to Purrshire and Petplanet and hope to have many years of enjoyment using this.
Great big cat tower posted on 17/07/2017 by Irene
With 3 adult male cats fighting over who got to sleep at the top it was time for a change. I chose this one simply because it had 3 sleeping platforms at the top but the floor space it takes up wasn't that much bigger than the one I had. Due to its size and weight the package it arrived in was awkward to manage and took some time to put together but I am delighted with this purchase. It's a very sturdy structure and well designed, all 3 cats happily use it at the same time and have even slept in the box compartments which they have never done before on previous towers. The cats really like the mouse toy dangles and the extra height seems to have reduced their need to climb on other furniture to gain vantage points. Great item just be aware of the dimensions before you buy.
My cat loves it! posted on 18/01/2017 by Becky
Fast delivery and fairly easy set up brilliant value, my cat goes absolutely crazy for it! Perfect for a lookout post and hyper moments for the cat to run and climb up, brilliant to keep Them off the furniture, would definitely recommend.
Simply amazing! posted on 14/01/2017 by Sam
This is an amazing cat tree. Not only is it tall but it's extremely sturdy. With 3 cats always perched on it its not going anyway. Best part even my semi blind Romanian rescue climbs to the highest perch! I love it but most of all my cats love it and it was money well spent.
Christmas present for my boys - Amazing! posted on 05/01/2017 by MadCatsofRieley
It was bigger than I expected but I have been so used to their old one that it was a nice change. More for the boys to do, climb, scratch & hide. My youngest Monkey loves the mice toys that are attached, was playing with then before I'd even made the thing!! A couple of sections were tricky, instructions aren't the clearest so you will need time, you won't be able to put it up in a hurry. Great quality, amazing value for money, my boys Marvin, Ziggy & Monkey love it; they sleep and play on it all the time...very happy customer and cats :)
The best Christmas present ever! posted on 28/12/2016 by gillwilky
Brought a happy Christmas to my daughter, her partner and their 4 rescue cats. They could not wait to lug home the huge box and build the tower. Tigger and Roo, Dennis and Dora were soon in possession, vying with each other for dominance and on the highest platform. By Boxing Day, a picture had been posted posted on Instagram to be warmly applauded by many envious cat-owners. Excellent value, strong and stable even when under simultaneous attack by 4 animals. I am pleased to recommend Pet Planet for their products and their handling of internet sales.
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