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Cat Litter Spinner

Cat Litter Spinner

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

This brilliant Cat Litter Spinner is so easy to clean and far more sanitary than a standard litter box or tray. Better still, it looks good, has no open mess and reduces cat litter mess on the floor. It is probably the last cat litter box you will ever need to purchase! Made from recycled polypropylene, this attractive Cat Litter Spinner is durable, strong and long lasting. It uses premium clumping litter and all you do is spin it once a day and the waste is collected in an easy to remove drawer. The litter is sifted and clean and you just remove the drawer and empty the waste into a rubbish bag; the whole process takes around 20 seconds and is so simple that even a child can do it. Thatís it!

Providing private comfort for your cat or kitten, this Cat Litter Spinner requires no batteries, plugs or cords. You will love it and so will your feline friend! Other automatic cleaning cat litter boxes require that you plug them in and use special trays or litter. They can also break easily and then you have to rush out and get a replacement which costs as much, or more than your last one. Also, if your automatic cleaning cat litter box has to be plugged in, you are limited as to where you can have it in your home and if it runs on batteries, you have to spend money every time the batteries need to be replaced.

  • Suitable for cats and kittens up to 9kg
  • Saves times and money
  • Uses premium clumping litter
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces odour, controls dust and litter mess
  • 3 year warranty

    Dimensions: 46 x 37 x 51cm high
    19cm opening

    Please note: Effective sifting is dependent upon using small litter. Litter Spinner will work with all natural and clay based litters but "pellet" shaped litters will not work as they will not freely sift through the litter drawer.

    Please watch the video below.


    Customer Note: Due to hygiene, Petplanet cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

  • 4.6/5
    of customers recommend this product
    QUALITY (4.8/5)
    VALUE (4.4/5)
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    Brilliant Brilliant BrilliantWe have tried so many including the very expensive litter maid This is so simple to use and the product is strong and robust We were worried that our large Persian would not take to it but he loves it the entrance is compact so not easy for the dogs to get into love it
    Best invention ever
    Thr Litter spinner is so cool i shouldnt feel excitrd about a littertray but I am it is so hygenic and quite fun to spin and catch the mess to empty easily So good that my teenager now helps Wish I had bought it a long time ago And excellent service from pet planet
    Fantastic Product
    Although I originally felt this item was expensive now I have received it and our 2 10month old cats have used it I feel it represents great value for money It makes cleaning the cat litter such a simple quick and hygienic experience It will be of particular benefit to our friends/neighbours who keep an eye on our cats whenever we go away So much better than them having to scoop out a litter tray I thoroughly recommend this product Fantastic
    Bev H Macclesfield
    Excellent yes its expensive I havent told my husband how much it was but well worth it I have 5 cats one of them is a house cat and although she used to wee in a litter tray she always pooped on the floor by the side of it no matter what I tried Since the litter spinner has been in use she has used it every time there is no smell at all very easy to spin very little if any litter escapes and uses less litter One of the best things I have every bought
    Great piece of kit
    I was going to import a litter robot for 300 pounds from Germany before I saw this Its basically the same thing but its manual instead of electric It may seem a little expensive but you really cannot put a price on making cleaning cat poop as quick and easy as possible I love it I also have an amega paws cat loo which is good but not as good as this My 2 British shorthair kittens took to it straight away I use worlds best cat litter in both litter boxes and this seems to work very well in this type of roll and sift litter tray Buy it and put your feet up I have
    Undecided as yet
    I received the spinner last week and I do think the concept is really brilliant however there are a few important points: you CANNOT use Cats Best Nature Gold because it is a pellet litter and it won't pass freely, so don't waste your money on it like I did. You need a clumping litter with small particles. When removing the drawer it is very difficult not to get litter all over the floor even if you do tap the excess away as directed. My large persian boy x(is not greater than the given max weight) still sometimes wees out of the door as its perhaps a little too small for him and for some reason he always wees near the entrance and poos in the opposite direction. My girl is much more petite and this is not a problem for her. It is fantastic for collecting poos but so far with regard to wees I can't find a litter that clumps enough not to stick to the base. The scraper tool then causes the litter to break up into small pieces that won't then be caught in the drawer I guess the key is the right litter. It is expensive for what it is but of course with any concept it is that you are paying for. If I can find a suitable litter I think I will be a bit happier but so far the search continues so I am undecided. Perhaps a little more product development required a slightly larger box.
    It's fabulous to look at & the cats like it. But it's very small and there's no room for the cats to move around in. I have four rather large full grown cats. I thought it was extremely expensive to buy. I own two litter maids and I find the litter spinner more aesthetically pleasing and its not as obvious to visitors. The cats don't seem to spread as much litter about and its contained in the spinner. I love it really if only it wasn't as expensive. I'm saving to buy another one
    great practical product
    very practical product with 2 cats it has made dealing with litter a lot easier it is smart quite compact but big enough for an average size cat to use comfortably

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