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Johnsons Catnip Spray 150ml

Johnsons Catnip Spray 150ml

by Johnsons

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Send your feline wild with this Johnson’s Catnip Spray.

Made with oil extracted from dried leaves of Cat Mint, they just can’t get enough of this stuff. Spray it on bedding, scratching posts, toys and other areas that they come into contact with.

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This stuff has helped us get out of a jam on a couple of occasions. Our neighbour's cat who we love too ( our cat doesn't! ) sneaked in without us knowing and played in the cube and with her toys. I had to spray everything in catnip as she refused to go near them! Thank goodness this worked.
Sends my cats mad and made them pay attention to their new beds rather than ignore and sleep on mine! cheaper than in pets at home
Lo ve it!
My 2 cats absolutely love this food.
Great product, two out of our four cats love it. quick delivery, would definitely buy from petplanet in the future
Happiness in a spray!
Great value and Sam loves the toys I have sprayed which he totally ignored before!
Tigs loves this so much he jumps in the cupboard to get the bottle somehow kicks the lid off and tried to lick it off the spray Has really helped encourage him to use the scratch toys which is helping his claws
Kittens prefer the real catnip
My Bengal loved it
Bengal Mum
My adult neurtered male Bengal usually ignores toys with catnip in so I didnt really expect this to work I bought it to encourage him to use a brand new activity centre have to say I was amazed at his reaction to the spray He looked high his eyes were dilated he immediately began attacking toys on the centre rubbing himself against it biting it etc Ive never seen him behave like that before hes 9 years old had him from a kitten The effect seemed to wear off after a few hours with no ill effects to the cat I also have a neutered male moggy who seemed completely unaffected however so make of that what you will
Debatable results but 4 out of 5
Our cat Mr Button seemed to reply to it mildly at first Yet when sprayed on one of the Kitty Boink Cat Toys from PetPlanet he went crazy on the little toy I have used it on other toys and objects the results vary too much for me to state that this product is priceless and works like a charm I cant really say it disappointed me either as it does seem to work occasionally We recently went for a long travel with him and the catnip helped him thoroughly enjoy the crate he was in I guess considering this spray as an aid x28for playingrelaxingtravellingetcx29 would be proper Id definitely recommend it as it does nothing but good either way
Have no idea if it works... I sprayed some toys... our kitten plays with it but then also plays with my shoelaces and plants... so ... not sure

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