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Beaphar Cat Play Spray with Catnip

Beaphar Cat Play Spray with Catnip

by Beaphar

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No more ruined furniture! A great training aid for kittens and cats, Beaphar Play Spray contains catnip oil. You can use it to make items/areas irresistibly attractive to your feline friend. Training cats can be a challenge as they know what they want to do and will do exactly that! This is a wonderful and gentle way to give your cat a nudge in the right direction.

Catnip oil is a herb that cats go wild for. Use this easy-to-use spray to encourage your feline friend to attack scratching posts and toys instead of your furniture or walls. You can also use it to rekindle interest in old toys.

Quantity: 150ml

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Great for encouraging use of new toys/furniture.
There are lots of catnip products out there and many just aren't worth the money but this spray is clearly potent stuff. I've recently introduced a new cat bed as well as a new scratching post and a few squirts of this for the first few days made my kitties more interested and engaged with those items which are now in regular use. It really is the cats whiskers (Sorry).
Good stuff
Jac M
I've used the spray to give some old toys new life, it certainly attracts my two cats to show renewed interest
A good choice of product.
Valerie W
I sprayed this on our new scratching post. It definitely works and our three cats love it.
sprayed this onto all my kittens accessories to encourage her to use them and it seems to have worked
good response but still sneaky carpet scratcher
andrex puppy
bought this as my 3yr old tabby has a habit of displaying excess excitement by a quick fast scratch on our fairly new carpet i have the rolls royce of big thick scratchy poles dotted around the house which he does use but now then often after playing he has a little burst of excitement with claws v carpet i sprayed the big scratchy post in hall with the theory hed be so attracted to the post revitalised with new catnip smell hed take his excitement out on that instead of carpet he rubbed the post lovingly scratches it as usual but still has a sneaky scratch on the carpet occasionally when playing with us hey ho still pleased with product as he likes it easy clean way to revitalise scratchy posts
Great product
I spray this on my cats favorite scratch pad and within seconds shes rolling round on the pad purring I reckon its a winner
Our cat hasn't really taken to it
Our girl absolutely loves dried catnip, so I thought I would give this a try. It has quite a strong smell, but it doesn't seem to interest her that much. The bottle is bigger than I was expecting, seems like good value, but we will be sticking to the dried catnip, I think.
Doesn't seem to have made any dfifference to attracting them to toys or furniture... Not great

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