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Panacur Worming Liquid 10 100ml

Panacur Worming Liquid 10% 100ml

by Panacur

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Panacur 10% Oral Suspension is effective against both immature and mature Roundworms in both cats and dogs. It is recomended that pregnant bitches are regularly treated to reduce the prenatal infections of Roundworm. Puppies and kittens can also safely be treated with Panacur Oral Suspension. Dosage for puppies and kittens under 6 months 2ml per kg bodyweight daily for 3 days either after feeding or in food. Dosage for adult dogs and cats 1ml per 1kg bodyweight as a single oral dose either directly after feeding or directly in food.

Please refer to the data sheet for further details.

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Does the job
This is very good value and easy to use I have 2 adult dogs currently 2 tiny pups The measuring cup really starts from 5mls which is too much for pups at 2 weeks old So a small oral syringe is needed to squirt the right small smount straight down the throat This is easiest with the adults too as the liquid clearly tastes revolting cant be hidden in food
good value
product as described prompt delivery I will use again
Great value and does the job
Our Spinone was experiencing bouts of diarrhoea that werent ceasing with the normal dont feed for 24 hours hydrate and salts and introduce easily digested food gradually etc the previous time it had been like this he had been vet prescribed Panacur to rid him of giardia Cost us 55 for vet and Panacur This time round ordered the Panacur and dosed over three days per the instructions and bingo the problem cleared up Happy dog and happy owners
Efficient and good value
I used this on my 6 year old Jack Russell bitch who had got lung worm Following the instructions it cleared up in 4 days
great value
apart from bad tasting as my bitch always pulls a face its a great worming product for giving bitches from the 40th day of pregnancy up until two days after pups born,great for worming 2wk old pups mix with a little goats milk to make it more palattable keeps bitch and pups worm free.
Fast servise

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