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Drontal Tasty Bone XLarge Worming Tablet 1 Tablet

Drontal Tasty Bone XLarge Worming Tablet - 1 Tablet

by Drontal

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This item is a veterinary medicinal product.Read More
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Drontal Tasty Bone XL Worming Tablets For Dogs is effective in the control of gastrointestinal Tapeworms and Roundworms in both their adult and immature forms and also mature Hookworms and Whipworms in dogs, all of which are present in the UK. Drontal Tasty Bone XL beef flavoured tablets are suitable for dogs weighing in excess of 17.5kg and we always recommend you consult the attached dosage guide for the accurate dosage for your pet.

This product may be administered whilst the bitch is lactating but we recommend that you consult a veterinary surgeon before treating a bitch whilst she is pregnant.

Fleas serve as an intermediate host for one common type of tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum). To avoid reinfection with this parasite, flea control of your pet and its housing should be carried out at the same time as worming. Please refer to the data sheet for further details.

This is a single (one) tablet only.

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For these kind of drugs its nice to know precautions are taken
Drontal XL
Worms are a common wee bug that affects All Dogs, I found that Drontal is the Best treatment to deal with these wee monsters. They are meat flavoured so the dogs have no problem having them,no hassle trying to push them down the throat... they do the job great, they are better and work faster than other cheaper ones. We are a country of Dog Lovers, Prove it by taken care of their worms...
Trusted wormer
Drontal is the only wormer i have trusted and used for years for all my dogs.I have 2 French Mastiffs so they needed 2 tablets each which at the vets would cost so much more for the same thing. Getting these tabs into my mastiffs is another matter but break in half easily for getting down their throats.Never had this problem with our Rottweilers.
Quality Product
Have used this product before and it's true, you get what you pay for, I have tried some of the cheaper brands on the market before and found they can upset my Chesapeake Bay Retriever's stomach but have not had any probs with this working treatment.
Good product
I have been using this product for 14 years for my Labrador and she has never had worm problems. Appears to do what it says.
N Sunley
After my first tablet going astray in the post, Pet Planet were very quick to send a replacement. I have always used Drontal with my dog as I deem it to be a safe and reliable brand. I use the XL tablet on my Choc lab, Buddy age 6 & 33kg. He's never had any reaction to the tablet, although I have to break it up in his food as he's very fussy for a lab!!
great value
i have used this product for years and would not use any other
best prices
looked around and this was best site for price and choice Lovely being able to give a giant tablet rather than a handful which is a pain Thoroughly recomend
Excellent Value
Lisa E
I usually purchase worming tablets from my vet however they are costly as I have two dogs Drontal are good quality tablets and I found the price to be very reasonable
excellent product
no fuss dogs love them so no trying to force it down and works extremley quickley i always buy it

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