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One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

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One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Code: 67905
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Help your cat expend pent up energy with this awesome, high quality One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.

The run surface is made from a closed cell EVA foam to help prevent claws from catching and allows your feline friend to run naturally using their claws for safe footing.

Without the need to hunt prey, cats need other outlets for that pent up energy. It is good for your cat to get some sort of workout; and changing it up to keep your pet interested is important. Now you can offer your feline friend this tempting exercise wheel for use when you are not at home.

The open design allows your cat to enter from either side and once your kitty has got used to it, he or she will develop a natural running rhythm. Due to its great design, it rolls smoothly on the wheels and is very stable with no wobble . Made from recycled plastic, it is both sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around your home.

  • Suitable for cats up to 11.4kg.
  • Stable on both carpet and hard-floors.
  • Quick home assembly.
  • Four wheel cover accessories included.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Wheel diameter: 122cm
Tread depth: 23cm
Base: L86.5 x W30.5cm
Colour: Black

Please view the videos to see it in action.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
brilliant - something to watch posted on 08/03/2017 by label
since production started in the US, I have been keen to purchase this wheel . Its everything as I imagined. Assembly is easy and it came even with a hammer to bang it together. It is lightweight, washable, sturdy enough and in comparison to the heavy, not movable, not washable, wooden running wheels easier affordable. Since mine is in the middle of the living room I rubbed some gold paste on the outer rim, so it looks even elegant. A bit like Star Gate. My 5 younger Bengals are all for it and sometimes at it 3 in on go. The 7 older ones are not that interested, mainly because the young ones jump in as well and start speeding. Especially if its worked by two it can become a roller coaster, with one doing the complete loop. Well worth the investment!
posted on 15/02/2017 by sheilanne3
Benji my Bengal kitten loves this , he is so active and this tires him out so I can have a break from his running and jumping all over the place.
Great Cat Wheel posted on 14/02/2017 by Kathreinbarbara
My 2 Bengal cats love running with this Wheel!
Must have for cats posted on 11/02/2017 by Dimitri Snijders
I saw a lot of video's on the Sphynx fan page on Facebook about cat wheels. I bought this one (most shown on Facebook Sphynx page), but I was afraid my sphynx wouldn't tough it and then it is a lot of wasted money. Installation is simple, +/- 30 minutes. First minute, Ramses the cat was checking it out, but after few day he's ready to go. He runs in it every day several times for 5 to 10 minutes. So paws up from Ramses about this cat wheel. He can run like a cheetah now and stay a lean, mean cuddle machine.
Better than I expected posted on 31/01/2017 by Luis
I bought this as a trial before committing to a more expensive version. My bengal responded well with a few treats to encourage him. He's now more than happy to use it without encouragement and even gallops on it instead of running around the house like a maniac. It has come off its tracks once after he decided to dismount mid sprint but that's almost to be expected - it isn't bolted together so some rapid weight displacement will bounce it a bit. It does need a miniscule amount of upkeep. We all have long hair in our house and we've noticed that the wheels seem to attract it. A weekly wheel check and a bit of oil keeps it running smoothly Beyond that, worth the money.
My cats love it! posted on 17/11/2016 by Freddie
A fabulous exercise wheel my Bengal cats love it. Great value and easy to assemble. Very sturdy and great for running on.
A great purchase posted on 09/11/2016 by Roowie
My cats really love the wheel! They use it the whole day. I used a laser pen to train them, but they understood it very quickly. The delivery was very fast (I live in the Netherlands), and it was very easy to assemble. I have three happy cats now, so a great purchase! You should probably order a extra set of Traction Pads though, the cats love to sharp their nails on it too.
My female loves!!! My cat not so much... posted on 10/06/2016 by serramay
Female likes from the start. It took only teach to use it with some candy and now she climbs alone. Instead the male tried to climb from outside and fell, has caught afraid and does not want to approach. It is still early, try to take the fear and use it. It's a great purchase.
Revise on the Quality Score & Value Score which are automatically set at 5-Excellent posted on 20/02/2016 by Lan
Overall Scores should be 4-Good if it doesn't derail! Now our cat is training us to give her a treat every time she goes on it for a few seconds, if we fail to do so, she will gallop on it to get our full attention!
Excellent posted on 12/02/2016 by Tracy
I bought this back in October for my Savannah cat. It took me about an hour, on my own, to fully assemble the wheel and about three days to train my cat to use it. Once he realised he could run like the wind on the wheel, there was no stopping him. He used it around ten times a day, running incredibly fast on it and it was perfectly stable. Only on two occasions did the wheel fall off its track, but this was purely down to the fact my cat jumped on it at 100 miles an hour. I agree with a previous review, in that it's a shame the spare traction pads cannot be bought in the UK.
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