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One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

This product can be found in: Activity Centres: All | Cat Exercise

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Code: 67905
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Help your cat expend pent up energy with this awesome, high quality One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.

The run surface is made from a closed cell EVA foam to help prevent claws from catching and allows your feline friend to run naturally using their claws for safe footing.

Without the need to hunt prey, cats need other outlets for that pent up energy. It is good for your cat to get some sort of workout; and changing it up to keep your pet interested is important. Now you can offer your feline friend this tempting exercise wheel for use when you are not at home.

The open design allows your cat to enter from either side and once your kitty has got used to it, he or she will develop a natural running rhythm. Due to its great design, it rolls smoothly on the wheels and is very stable with no wobble . Made from recycled plastic, it is both sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around your home.

  • Suitable for cats up to 11.4kg.
  • Generation 4 Model.
  • Stable on both carpet and hard-floors.
  • Quick home assembly.
  • Four wheel cover accessories included.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Wheel diameter: 122cm
Tread depth: 23cm
Base: L86.5 x W30.5cm
Colour: Black

Please view the videos to see it in action.


We do not offer a trial period for the One Fast Cat wheel. Should any product be found to be faulty or differing from the photo/description then we will be pleased to arrange a refund or replacement within 30 days of delivery of the product.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Super posted on 20/01/2018 by Mariola
The best thing they have ever bought me! posted on 19/01/2018 by Hermione
The wheel arrived and my hoomans put it together for me. They tried to get senior cat PJ (15) and elderly statesman Hector (8) to have a go but they just sat. Then Archie (3) got on and moved his paws a little. Finally they let me get on my wheel and away I went! None of this it may take a week or two to get going I was instantly running. The following day I got so fast I was loping effortlessly. Just a couple of weeks on I regularly go on my wheel without encouragement and love it. My hoomans love the wheel too :-)
posted on 01/01/2018 by
Very big. posted on 19/12/2017 by 2715barry
First of all, pet planet have been excellent with me concerning this item and have been very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone and Iím sure to be using them again. As for the cat wheel. Itís huge. Itís like having a tractor wheel in the house. My test pilot, Billy, was using it on day one. The second to use it, Tiddles, after 3 days and the third, Kitty, is yet to use it. Sheís the one who needs to use it as sheís a little overweight. Sometimes I shine a laser pointer on it and the cats chase after it, other times they will just pop in and start running. They look so funny. Itís well made and looks like it should last ok.
Best Cat buy ever posted on 09/12/2017 by daphne44
This is without a doubt the best purchase I have made for my two house cats. I have been toying with the idea for months thinking that if my cats don't take to it a lot of money will be wasted. Well, I needn't have worried they love it and everytime they wake up it is the first thing they aim for. Also, this is the 4th generation version and so doesn't come off the wheels as suggested by buyers of previous models.
Worth it posted on 26/10/2017 by
This is great for our deaf indoor cat. More sturdy than you'd expect for something self assembled. Our cat was scared at first, we followed the guide and let her get used to it bit by bit with treats, now 3 weeks later she's getting on for a jog by herself whenever she fancies. It's good that she can go as slow or as fast as she likes, sometimes she just like a casual stroll, sometimes a sprint. Well worth every penny.
My cat can't get enough of it posted on 15/09/2017 by Carolyn
As soon as the wheel was unpacked 2 of my 3 cats couldn't wait for it to be put up,the youngest Bengal/ rag doll cross is in it all the time and won't let anyone else use it! Mummy cat is a snow Bengal and although she loves it she has been banned (used under supervision)because in less than 2 days has ripped off the foam pad ands chewed them...bad cat!(we think it has something to do with the glue on the pads as she loves cellotape,parcel tape etc) Over all very happy with item as cats do like it and use regular
We all love One fast cat excercise wheel! posted on 13/09/2017 by
I ordered two cat exercise wheels at two different times. Both arrived after one week and were brought home to us. We have them in different rooms because we have four cats who love to walk and run most of the time they are awake. Maybe I will order one more wheel later. We warmly recommend this wheel to all cats. It brings a lot of joy and fun both for the cats and their staff. Four cats + staff from Finland
Great toy for cat posted on 03/05/2017 by cniquille
This is my third wheel and my bengal love them.
brilliant - something to watch posted on 08/03/2017 by label
since production started in the US, I have been keen to purchase this wheel . Its everything as I imagined. Assembly is easy and it came even with a hammer to bang it together. It is lightweight, washable, sturdy enough and in comparison to the heavy, not movable, not washable, wooden running wheels easier affordable. Since mine is in the middle of the living room I rubbed some gold paste on the outer rim, so it looks even elegant. A bit like Star Gate. My 5 younger Bengals are all for it and sometimes at it 3 in on go. The 7 older ones are not that interested, mainly because the young ones jump in as well and start speeding. Especially if its worked by two it can become a roller coaster, with one doing the complete loop. Well worth the investment!
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