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BecoBowl Cat 17cm

BecoBowl Cat - 17cm

by Beco

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This BecoBowl is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pet bowls.


Rather than using plastic to make these bowls, Beco have created a 100% natural alternative, which is made from 80% ethically sourced bamboo and rice husk fibres, with the remaining 20% being a mixture of natural enzimes which bind the bowl together.

This bio-composite will breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over a 3 to 5 year period, leaving no trace of synthetic waste. Not only this, manufacturing is carried out close to the source of the raw materials which significantly cuts down on the shipping volumes.

Now, all these ethical features are all very well, but is the bowl any good? It performs just like any plastic cat bowl would, being durable, easy to clean and dish washer safe. It has a low rim which makes this a comfortable bowl for cats to use as their whiskers do not get bent back while they eat. Add to this its wavy design and pastel shades, and you have a great bowl that is also kind to the planet.

Size: 0.25ltr, 17cm diameter x 3cm deep

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Lovely shallow bowl
This bowl is sturdy enough to stop it being tipped easily. It is lovely and shallow - perfect for baby hoglets and being shaped llows them to eat from outside the bowl as they grow. Will definitely be buying more.
Great bowls
Bought these to replace existing plastic bowls that my cats have had for a while now. Loved the idea that they were made from organic matter, and the shape has proved to be a real winner for my cats. The waved sides mean that they don't have to stretch their necks over the top of the bowl, allowing a more natural feeding position, but deep enough so that the food doesn't end up all over the floor. Would recommend these, am considering buying more so that I have a spare set while the other are in the dishwasher.
Excellent value
We bought this for our new kitten a year ago. Itís low and easy for her to reach her food. A year on and it still looks good and used every day.
Good design
One of the draws of this for me was that this was eco friendly. Itís a very shallow dish but still securely holds my little female,Teaselís, food. Sheís a much more delicate feeder than her brother (he has to have his in a puzzle feeder to slow him down) and although it is very different to her previous bowl she had no problem adjusting to this. It doesnít push her whiskers back which is preferable too. It has quite a broad circumference and so tends to stay still on the mat. Itís light, washes up beautifully, and so far still looks like new. It was excellent value. Am pleased with the purchase. I would say that the shallowness of it may not be suited to a more enthusiastic feeder but have not had cause to check this so cant say for sure.
Great bowl
This is a good sized bowl and my cats spill much less food using this. The indents in the side appear to make it easier to eat from. I have changed all my cat food bowls to these.
Love them much easier to pick up off the floor than my old ones. Good value for the price.
Great bowlís
Great idea for theses cat bowls loving that they are made with natural materials
just the job
we purchased the bowls for all our cats for 2 reasons.firstly the shape , this enables them to have a more comfortable eating position, and secondly the price as they were on offer.the bonuses were the lovely muted colours and very good quality, made environmentally.
Funny colour
I was looking for a nice wide, flat bowl (which cat's prefer) but where the food stays in the bowl. Not of huge importance but it's a mucky green colour not the vibrant green in the picture.
Super bowl
mrs noah
Love these bowls. My cat doesn't like a deep dish and this suits him perfectly

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