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MC Breath Dental Care Treats for Cats 65g

This product can be found in: Cat Dental | Cat Health Products: All

M&C Breath & Dental Care Treats for Cats 65g

Product Code: 5078
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
M & C HealthCare Treats use a co-extrusion process to inject a cream filling into the pillow-shaped cereal shell. This makes it easy to administer discrete quantities of active ingredients in a single treat without the difficulty of feeding a tablet or the inconvenience of dispensing liquids.

These Breath and Dental Care Treats contain an edible toothpaste with mild abrasive agents that will help to reduce the build-up of tartar and plaque in the mouth, while breath freshening agents - eucalyptus, cinnamon & parsley seed oil, continue the fight against bad breath by targeting it at its source, in the stomach. So even after mealtimes these treats continue to be effective!

Customer Ratings & Reviews
my cat loved this posted on 01/05/2015 by grumpyelephant
I thought these would be a great idea for getting my cats used to toothpaste. i hadn't even opened the packet and my cat was pawing for them (very strong salmon smell). I agree with other reviewers that they are hard, but no more than dreamies. The problem is that they are wasted on my cats, as they just swallowed them whole instead of chewing them. Great idea, loved, and good intentions........if only I could get my cats to chew.
First cat treat he likes posted on 02/08/2011 by jo173
This is the first treat that my Birman cat likes Not sure if it is helping his teeth yet but he enjoys the odd treat and his breath certainly does smell fresher
Wow! posted on 26/01/2010 by
One cat is terrified of these but he's scared of a lot of things so that's not too surprising, really but the other has gone MAD for them and is trying desperately to rip into the bag at every chance she gets! And although it smelt revolting to begin with they smell rather tempting now ...
Both my cats love them posted on 28/02/2008 by Natalie London
Both my cat and kitten love these so much I actually use them as treats. My cat is very picky about what she eats - she won't even go for traditional cat treats - so this is a revelation. My totally non agressive kitten actually growls if you go near him while he's eating one of these.
They work posted on 27/06/2014 by marlowfamily
Our cat was a rescue cat so we didnt know how old he was or what his diet had been He did have brownyellow teeth He loves these treats and they seem to be working But they are part of the solution teeth brushing and good diet are important
great value posted on 11/09/2008 by SARAH-MILLS6
one of my cats loved this product, my other cat looked at me in a funny wayi don't think he liked it
Just what they needed posted on 07/02/2008 by Sharon Bristow
With 5 cats bad breath was getting to be an issue. My only comment would be that the biscuits are a little big so we snapped them in half, sprinkled them over their usual food and away we went. No major complaints from the moggies and much sweeter breath. Hopefully the vet won't be moaning about tartar next time we visit either.
prince was not into these posted on 10/10/2008 by dividedsoul2003
what a shame i bought the one for coats and skin and then these ones for teeth i gave prince the coat and skin ones which he loved and then they made his breath slightly pongy when i tried to give the dental ones to freshen that pongy breath he just looked at me like what is this it taste nothin like the last one u gave me and walked off i tried again later and no luck so my cat should have a lush coat but stinky breathe lol.
good value posted on 30/01/2007 by
Good idea but my cat would not touch it...
Still untouched posted on 13/05/2009 by Bessy
At first these look good as they are the only "dental treats" that I have seen that are a size that my cat does actually have to bite in to, however I think the flavour is a big put off and none of my 3 cats will eat them.
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