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Logic Oral Hygiene Gel for Cats Dogs 70g

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel for Cats & Dogs 70g

by Logic

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The presence of dental plaque and hardened tartar caused by bacterial by-products in the mouth leads to bad breath and inflammation of the gum tissue.

If untreated the gums will recede from the teeth leading eventually to premature tooth loss. The constituents of Logic Oral Hygiene Gel supplement and improve the animals own natural salivary peroxidase system. This patented 5 enzyme formula attacks harmful bacteria in the mouth. Cats and Small Dogs require 1cm gel, Dogs less than 20kg 2 cm, and dogs weighing more than 20kg 5cm of gel. For the best results excessive deposits of plaque or tartar should be removed by your vet before using Logic Oral Hygiene Gel. Administer once or twice daily. 1 tube is sufficient to treat a 20kg dog for 6-8 weeks.

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Dogs love taste
Mrs May
Both my dogs seem to like the taste of this paste they do not struggle whilst having their teeth cleaned using this product. It does appear to be more effective than cheaper alternatives.I would recommend it and will definitely continue to use it.
Amazing results
I have a white dog who had brown staining badly around his mouth and eyes I tried everything to remove this staining I had his teeth cleaned at the vets his gums were sore he had plaque built up and not very pleasant breath but after cleaning his teeth every day the staying has gone away his teeth are lovely and white too I highly recommend this product
great in every way
my cat has feline gingival stomatitis. i give her this daily on her paw to inhibit plaque buildup. she won't let me spray her outh or brush her teeth so this is the only way to deal with it and is vet recommended.
Good product at good price
good value
The dog that I use it on doesn't like her teeth being brushed I managed to buy a long finger tooth brush which does help a bit. The paste is certainly cheaper than buying it from the vets.
My cats love it! And it does them good and stops their mouths from being sore, (both being quite elderly they have lost most of their teeth and their gums get sore). However, thanks to Logic no more sore sums and they love the taste.
Does what it says
This was reccomended by the vet as my 13 year old cat has some gum disease was dribbling and lots of plaque build up He has it every morning before his treats and will sometimes lick it from my finger Has a pleasant smell and has definaqtely reduced the plaque
Have used now for several years and would recommend it
Have used it now for many years for Max my black poodle He loves it he comes and sits when I open the tube he obvious likes the taste It keeps his breath sweet and helps protect his teeth I would recommend it I also use Plaque Off sprinkled on his dinner Both great products N E
So far so good
The gel is very easy to use with the fingerbrush supplied Coco seems to really like the taste of it and so the anticipated battle of wills over brushing did not materialise in fact she has settled very quickly to the routine of a nightly brush How effective it is at removing plaque and tartar will obviously take more time to see maybe a couple of months
Great value
The vet recommended this product for my cats as they had plaque and bad breathe As usual its reasonably priced on PetPlanet The girls think its a treat and usually remind me in the morning when its time to brush their teeth There has been an improvement in their breatheits been a win win alround for my girls and me I would recommend this product

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