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Smart Collar Cat

Smart Collar Cat

Product Code: 50579
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

The Smart Collar Cat is a humane method of preventing your pet from aggravating a wound or injury.

This Elizabethan style collar is made from a tough lightweight and translucent material which helps aid visibility. The patented padding of both inner and outer edges creates a product that is much more comfortable for your pet to wear at a time when he is stressed. He won’t bruise or damage when he crashes into furniture or humans.

Simple to fit and easily adjustable, the Smart Collar is available in size X-small - collar/neck size 15-21cm.

Customer Note: This product comes in several different colours and one will be randomly picked for you.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Amazing for grooming! posted on 12/12/2016 by
This is a great product for anyone who has trouble with grooming. My Persian has been a nightmare to try and brush and this is absolutely worked wonders
Very good product posted on 20/01/2015 by Rose
Very pleased My ragdoll cat suffers from anxiety and she tends to lick her body way too much licking out all the fur from her paws This collar finally helped us stop her from doing so It fits her perfectly and doesnt stop her from being able to eatdrink from the bowls Since Ive turned my cat into the walking satellite dish Ive also noticed the significant improvement in the TV signal I definitely recommend this product
Brilliant value for money posted on 04/04/2014 by LouR64
What a purchase So much better than the collars bought at the vets Our cat got on ok with the collar bought after her neutering but it was too big I saw this one in PetPlanet and bought it immediately Apart from looking cute like a medieval collared cat if there was such a thing our kitten was SO much happier and able to reach her food and water without a struggle she could see more and walk with her head up She didnt bother at all with her wound and healed very quickly The collar is protected at the neck and all around the edge and is very easy to go on We actually need to buy another as we gave her collar to a neighbours cat after an emergency neutering just yesterday morning She was going literally mad with the vet collar on tearing it off and ripping open her stitches Once the Smart Collar Cat was around her neck she calmed down we assume because she could see as it is shorter than a vet collar and it wasnt digging into her neck So I recommend this collar very highly even if you dont think you need one for your cat yet Be prepared
Excellent Product posted on 31/10/2009 by lindsey
This is an excellent product, much easier to use than the regukar collars. My cat suffers from Ezcema so has to wear one of these frequently and she seems much happier with these ones, less bulky and just the right size for a cat. really good value too, I have seen these elsewhere for £5 + P&P so thanks Pet Planet!
Che so but great looking posted on 31/05/2014 by theolivehouseumbria
Unfortunately the collar didnt stop our cat from scratching But she has a nasty sore just around her left eye so not a good place The collar is not deep enough to stop her getting her claw to the spot but it is a more comfortable collar than the regular hard plastic one If only it were a couple of centimetres deeper It would have been perfect Much easier for her to sleep in this collar But have had to put the old collar back on her Will give this Smart Collar another try on another cat when necessary though Please think about offering different sizes would definitely buy another one if deeper
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