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Kitty City Pop Open Cat Cube

Kitty City Pop Open Cat Cube

Product Code: 65313
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Let the feline fun begin! This Kitty City Pop Open Cat Cube is absolutely purrfect for boisterous cats! Pounce on it and it flattens and then it pops right back into place! Do not take our word for it Ė have a look at the video. The Kitty City Pop Open Cat Cube will keep your cat or kitten playfully amused for hours! It provides a great diversion to keep your petís mind busy as well as stimulate the natural instinct to hunt, hide and chase.

Manufactured from wired polyester, this cube can also be attached to other cubes for extra fun or to the Kitty City Pop Open Tunnel also sold by PetPlanet.

Dimensions: 38.1 x 38.1 x 38.1cm

Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
5 stars from team oriental Ziggy Stardust, Mr Wilson & Selkie! posted on 03/08/2017 by Louise E furry family
My 3 oriental puds adore their kitty cubes - they love diving in & out of them, surprising each other! Previously they had a canvas version but these were not robust enough for their enthusiasm. The Petplanet version is way more robust so can withstand play fights, scratches & bites from energetic youngsters (my furry team are 10 months old) with no problem - highly recommended, we will definitely be buying more as Xmas gifts for furry friends & relatives!! Great price & super fast delivery, we love Petplanet! x
Cats love this posted on 19/04/2017 by LucieCB
These are the 2nd kitty city cubes we have bought. The first ones lasted ages, almost 2 years and with 2 indoor cats - constant usage. Cheaper brands don't last, don't bother! Anyway the cubes are great fun, I enjoy interactive play time, I throw things on top of the cubes when the cats are inside them, the cats then live to pounce up against the cube ceiling from inside! Also great to roll small things (like hazelnuts) under them. Again, great fun for my cats. Thoroughly recommend.
posted on 31/12/2016 by Jk
I have an indoor cat that loves this cube. It is extremely durable as he loves to play inside but also loves to jump and dive on top of it too. Well worth the money and surprised at how much time he spends playing in and on it. Highly recommend especially for indoor cats
great value posted on 20/12/2016 by annon
my cat is having hours of fun with the pop up cube and tunnel.
They take a lot of punishment posted on 15/11/2016 by Suki
Three of my Cats love these, we have two cubes joined together and they have been crushed, smashed into furniture, jumped on, And they have took all the punishment and apart from not being square anymore they are fine. Great for Cats
Cats love it posted on 22/07/2015 by Seb
I bought this experimentally to treat my two male cats. I have Devon Rex and Siamese. The Devon Rex is very selfish and doesn't allow the Siamese to play with the cube and gets each time into a fight with him. They chase through it, run through it and Devon Rex sleeps in too. They love it. So I decided to buy one more! Excellent toy, I did not expect, they would love it so much!
Great for boisterous kittens posted on 08/07/2015 by GillC
It looked really boring to me, but the kittens have hours of fun with it, great value and stands up to quite a pounding
Lots of kitty fun posted on 22/02/2015 by sparkie60
This item came free with my Kitty City order and its actually one of their favourite parts Our 6 month old kitten leaps in and out of it rolls it around on the floor pounces on the other cats when theyre in it and enjoys having a good old chew on it as well
posted on 16/02/2015 by Francesca
It looks cute but Ive never actually seen any of my 3 cats use it
Great value posted on 27/11/2014 by jenwood82
My cats love the cubes got one each last christmas and play and sleep in them all the time have lasted well these ones look just as good quality so fingers crossed
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