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Kitty City Mega Kit

Kitty City Mega Kit

by Kitty City

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If you want only the best for your cat, then the SportPet Kitty City Mega Kit is the ultimate cat activity centre for your kitty to play on. This cool cat activity station has plenty of cat necessities: things to bat, things to scratch, places to hide, and of course places to sleep!

  • Multiple play areas to play on
  • Multiple batting toys
  • Four cosy fleece sleeping hammocks
  • Two large cat caves to hide and sleep in
  • Four scratching posts
  • Sisal ramp
  • Ideal for connecting multiple units

Looking for the perfect kitty city for your feline friend? Look no further than the SportPet Kitty City Mega Kit. This complete city is the perfect way to spoil your cat with a super fun and adventurous cat activity centre, and is sure to keep your playful pet busy for hours!

This three-story activity centre has four scratching posts to exercise the kitty claws, multiple batting balls for practicing hunting and of course plenty of sleeping spots to rest and relax after a busy day of lounging. There are also two cat caves and a sisal ramp for adventurous kitties.

Kitty City cubes encourage your cat to have an active lifestyle and promote exercise, covering all areas of your catís needs, pouncing, playing, scratching, jumping, climbing and hiding to name a few! They discourage boredom, inactive and destructive behaviour.

Reassuringly all products in the range have been tested for durability, safety and customer value and this collection has got an official paws up from a party of feline testers! They donít look detrimental in your home, but can be a focal point! You will love watching your cat on their amazing new toy. Let your cat be a cat!

All Kitty City units are fully interchangeable. Buy any one unit or multiple units and the pieces can be connected and shared to build and create your own unique play structures. It is as simple as that!

With heavy duty fabric and durable PVC piping for strength and soft fleece for snoozing, this cat activity centre will quickly become your catís favourite hideout.

  • Total size: Approx. L120 x W80 x H120cm

Please note: This toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

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Excellent product
Ray Lewis
Excellent service and delivery. cats love the cat tree.
My cats love it
Tricia C
Brilliant product. I have a three legged kitten and he can climb it with ease.
Kitty City Success
Super impressed with this! Was easy (and fun) to build with some versatility to suit your space. I have a 5 year old cat and a kitten who are still getting used to each other. This gives our kitten places to hide and play but even better, they will both chill out near each other! So happy.
Cat's Love
After a very quick delivery (only 3 days to Germany) my cats got very excited. I will upgrade this set in a time.
great fun.
carol hogg
my cats love this Kitty City, i have 3 kittens and an 18 year old and they all use it, even when building it up for them, they were playing in it, i would definatley recommend this product, the only thing i would say is the plastic poles do come undone, so we plan to put a wee bit glue in them to hold them in place, we hope to add some bits to it in the future once its inplace in their cat run,
My cats love it
very creative and excellent way of keeping ur cat happy and active, you can change the design into many ways so that ur cats will never get bored of it haha.. thats the best thing about cat citty ^_^
My cats love it and so do I. I have a Siamese and an 8 month Bengal cross, so there is plenty of rough and tumble, some of the poles have come out but are easily put back together and this doesn't happen too often so I am not bothered about it. I like the idea that I can add to it or even change the design. I have mine in the pen and plan to buy more parts and build bigger.
My cats love it
I have two cats under a year old and they love this :) they like it so much we have bought another one to make a huge play area for them :) itís so easy to put together and you can build it in different ways if you want.
Great value
Bombastic Bengals
I purchased this item for three Bengal kittens aged 4/5 months as they needed something new to play on. They loved it and it was great to see them having such a great time. Unfortunately they have managed to pull some of the poles out and chew them! It was easy to put together and can be moved without too much bother too. I don't think it would be good for older Bengal cats as I think they would damage the little tent areas with their claws and I'm not sure if it would be strong enough for bigger cats. However it is ideal for these kittens and I will use it for any future litters.
cats love it
Really fun for my 3 cats but it is quite flimsy. Velcro keeps coming undone,needs to be stitched all around. Also the plastic tubes keep coming apart,so it has to be put back together everyday .I do like it though as you can add other parts to it,but as I said the only downside is it falling to bits
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