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Bob Martin Felight Premium Litter Crystals 38L

This product can be found in: Bob Martin Cat Litter | Cat Litter: All

Bob Martin Felight Premium Litter Crystals 3.8L

Product Code: 54713
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With superior absorbency and odour control, Bob Martin Felight Premium Litter Crystals are also antibacterial. The crystals high performance in absorbing all moisture actually inhibits bacterial growth and cat smells which leaves your cat's tray clean, fresh and dry all day long!

How it works is that the liquid and odour is absorbed quickly inside the crystals and the odour is left trapped inside whilst the liquid evaporates. It is a superb cat litter for any household and any type of cat litter tray.

Please ensure that you dispose of the litter properly. It should be sealed in bags and disposed of with your normal household refuse.

Quantity: 3.8 litres provides 1 month's use

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Great Product & Service posted on 11/04/2018 by Birdie2503
The best cat litter by far! No dust, very absorbent and never smells! Great service from Petplanet once again and always the best price.
posted on 07/04/2018 by Mavis
I mix it with the Catsan it works great.
Amazing stuff posted on 04/04/2018 by bevwilson81
These litter crystals have made my life so much easier, no more messy litter and having to dispose of the cat faeces in the bin. Now all I do is dispose of it in the toilet and give the crystals a good mix around every day so that the urine soaked crystals are mixed around. 1 bag of crystals is just enough for 1 litter tray for about 5 days with my cat. After 5 days I just dispose of it all in a bin bag and give the litter tray a good clean ready for the next lot, my cat was a bit suspicious of the crystals at first but is used to it now and we have no issues. I would never go back to normal litter this is so much easier.
The best litter posted on 21/03/2018 by Sigita
Tried lots of litters (sure, not all) but this one is exactly what i was looking for many years. If your nose is sensitive like mine to any cats specific urinal smell and you are lazy to change all litter every day just like me - this litter is a choice. One this little pack enough for 2 weeks for 2 adult cats (2 litter trays) - no changing litter at all during 2 weeks and no smell! My cats like not every litter, some refused to use. But this one they just love.
Best Cat Litter out there posted on 23/02/2018 by Lauren
I bought this once as the usual wood pellets I used were out of stock.It is fantastic at absorbing bad smells and I noticed a huge difference between this and the wood pellets (which I thought were not too bad) My cat took to it right away with no issues and it doesn't track around the house. I will never use anything else now.
Best ever posted on 09/02/2018 by Annac
Lightweight, absorbent, no odour. Cats happy to use it, even if not cleared after every use.
This is great for a family home with an indoor cat! posted on 13/01/2018 by SA
This cat litter is so much better than standard litter. No smell, no chalky litter dragged round the house, no sneezing cat. Definitely be purchasing again.
I rely on this! posted on 21/09/2017 by Leelee41
My cat is very allergic to the version Bob Martin do that has blue crystals in. But the pure white one is perfect. He's an indoor cat so getting the right cat litter s very important.
Always good posted on 23/08/2017 by Jedtoby1
Good value and excellent delivery time.
Works a treat! posted on 19/07/2017 by Kai
My little action man/kitty uses his litter box quite frequently and can be a bit too much to bear on the old nostrils, but THIS product significantly reduces the smell. As a result I have a happier kitty (as he doesn't like his aroma too!) and an even happier me as I don't have to change his litter box so frequently! (Once you remove the solids) it's good to go for at least an extra day or two. Give it a try at least once... You'll be happy you did!!
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