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Catit Fresh Clear Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl

Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl

Product Code: 4193
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The Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl constantly circulates 3 litres of water through a filter to ensure that the water is pure and fresh.

The filter ensures that the optimum amount of oxygen is added to the water but consuming less than 4 Watts it is also very economical to run. Encouraging your pet to drink more water helps promote health and well-being.

  • Circulates 3 litres of water.
  • Filter adds oxygen to water.
  • Water flows down dome that some cats will prefer.
  • Water also flows into a dish.
  • Food dish included.

Many cats do not like the chemical smell of tap-water. This drinking fountain dissipates that smell quickly and constantly filters water, preventing stagnation. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits including the reduction of crystal formation and urinary disease.

Dimensions: W40.6 x D27.9 x H20.3cm
Capacity: 3 litres

Click here to access the instruction Sheet.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Love it posted on 01/01/2018 by francocodema
My cats love this fountain keeps water fresh for them and great value for money
Problematic but worth it posted on 05/01/2017 by Val
This is my third one in four years, the first I got rid of because I didn't realised that it all came apart to clean, the second one the plug went so I bought a new fountain as it was cheaper. The design of the plug has since changed so hopefully this will last. My cats love it and that is the most important thing to me
Cat water fountain posted on 17/12/2016 by
Honestly the best thing I could of got for my cat he loves it and saves changing water everyday! So worth the money and I am so happy with the product and how it works, so would definitely recommend!!!! Kerry x
Excellent product. posted on 02/11/2016 by Emily
This fountain was great value. It was relatively easy to assemble with simple, illustrated instructions. My cat developed a habit of knocking his water bowl over/throwing it down the stairs so this has stopped him doing that, which puts my mind at ease when I'm out for long periods and concerned that he may have spilt his water. The addition of the food bowl means that everything is in one place and can't be spilt. My cat instantly understood how to use the fountain and loves it. My only criticism is that the water doesn't flow all over the dome, only in two or three thin streams, but this doesn't affect it's use.
Perfect for my cat posted on 01/11/2016 by stackers1979
I was a bit concerned that my cat didn't seem to drink very much water, and she only likes dry food too. Someone told me some cats prefer flowing water so I thought I'd try this. It's a bit bulky, but works perfectly and she now drinks from it regularly. The instructions say to clean it once a week, but I've found it needs cleaning and topping up once every 3 days or so. It's really quiet, only making a noise when it's low on water. I'd highly recommend this, especially if your cat prefers flowing water to still.
Great Fountain posted on 08/04/2015 by Stu T
Had one of these for ages and the cats absolutely love it! Very quiet (except for the occasional bubbling of water as it refills and the noise when it's getting empty or blocked). If you're having problems getting the water to flow all the way around the dome, make sure it's level. If that doesn't help, remove the screw-in handle/ flower from the top of the dome. I actually run this -without- filters. You need to ensure you check it for cleanliness each day. With or without filters, it should be fully cleaned every week.
Great Product posted on 16/07/2014 by Shelley
I've owned a number of catit fountains over the last 9 years. The cats love them for the movement of the water, one prefering to drink from the bubble and one from the bowl. The fountain is very quiet and has a fair sized reservoir. Only problem is in hard water areas with limescale buildup this is why I've replaced mine every few years. Filtered water is best
Great product But large posted on 27/06/2013 by Jo
I do love this fountain out kittens love it The only problem is it takes up a lot of room
Hope it snows posted on 16/12/2012 by snowdrop
Great productworks well tho the water will only cascade on two thirds of dome no matter how many times I tickle itnot a complaint tho BUT just wish Darling little Puss thought it fab tooGot it next to his bikkies and food and its quietHes not at all frightened But Hes a selfwilled stubborn So and So To put it mildly and continues to head for the rusty old drain cover outsideSOWere lookin to the Heavens for an answerand some SNOW to put him off the Great Outside Watch this space eh Thanks PetPlanet for the easy speedy transaction and great deal
Love it posted on 02/09/2012 by rochesterwilson08
Cat loves to drink the fresh filtered water and I now get my water jugtap free Great product at a great price
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