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Pioneer Pet Serenity Cat Fountain

Pioneer Pet Serenity Cat Fountain

Product Code: 63611
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The super quiet Pet Pioneer Serenity Cat Fountain gives your feline friend two choices of water flow. Your cat can either lap from a stream or from the bowl, and you can control the water flow and noise level. One spout makes a steady, rounded waterfall stream whilst the other completely changes the water flow into a serene trickle. Whatever your cat prefers, both options will invite your pet to drink more water.

It is a great, versatile cat water fountain that comes with a dishwasher-safe oval basin, top piece and spout, as well as a 1.83m power lead. The spouts are easily interchangeable so you can switch them without having to take apart the fountain. A great choice for you cat at an equally great price.

  • Indoor use only
  • Low voltage
  • Instructions included

    Capacity: approx. 1.7 litre
    Dimensions: approx. L27.4 x W21 x H14cm

    Extra filters available separately on 62807.


    When replacing the filter, the white side faces the water bowl and the black side faces the pump.

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    Cat took to it straight away! posted on 17/02/2018 by Lavendyr
    I bought this for my cat as he is quite fussy about water and only drinks it if it is very fresh, which means I end up refilling his bowl very frequently to make sure he drinks enough (especially as he is on a dry food diet). The fountain was very easy to set up and get going. Within seconds of me turning it on and the water starting to flow, the cat approached it curiously and slightly hesitantly. But within under a minute he was happily drinking away. He's used it several times already and has definitely been drinking more water. Although I left his usual bowl down just in case, he's ignored it completely in favour of his new fountain!
    Great Value posted on 26/01/2018 by lilian-dunbar
    I've never had or seen the point of pet fountains but our furry family has grown from 2 dogs to include 2 kittens -all drinking from the same water bowl. We bought as it keeps the water fresh. They al love it & use it without reserve. One thing my husband & I detest is the noise of it. However they may all be noisy so I've nothing to compare it to. Our furries would recommend it if they could.
    Perfect and great value posted on 08/12/2017 by Maria K
    My cat hates water that has been stood around for any length of time and has taken to jumping into the kitchen sink and licking the tap for fresh water! Bought this to see if we could convince him to go back to a bowl and he loves it. He laps from the bowl and from the spout and hasn't been in the sink since!
    Amazing! Just like magic... posted on 25/10/2017 by
    Brandon is finally drinking more water!! He wasnít very keen and preferred milk over water. Since I set the fountain for him, he was so curious and loved the water movement. I am so happy and less worried because I am sure he is drinking more water now!! I totally recommend it.
    Grace is definitely drinking more !! posted on 14/09/2017 by Claire
    I got this as I ended up with an elderly cat that wasn't drinking enough, I had a fountain in the past for my other cat so I know they do encourage cars to drink more. The design is nice, the noise takes a little bit of getting used to but I would still recommend the product
    Luka loved it posted on 20/06/2017 by Pat
    I have one cat who loves it every time tap is turned on always wants to drink from it. Tried several fountains for him but this is the only one he really likes, plays with the water as it comes out. My other two cats just drink from it so pleases all of them
    Love it posted on 02/06/2017 by andreaarcher65
    It's cheep , easy to set up, looks good. And works real well. Love it
    Brilliant! posted on 25/04/2017 by Paula
    This water fountain is great. Both my cats took to it straight away. Its quiet and holds plenty of water.
    best water fountain so far !! posted on 29/03/2017 by paulgregg1959
    already have cat mate water fountain but needed a 2nd one as the cat mate clogs up very quickly so far touch wood this one has been brilliant our cats love the water spout and will sit there for ages just watching the water ,our youngest cat likes flicking the water with her paw !! quality wise very impressed with it holds a lot of water the filters work very well and you can top it up either at the front or through the port on the back no more noisy then the cat mate smaller footprint overall a good buy will be buying another when the cat mate packs up
    I have wanted a water fountain for ages. Like it lots and I don't have to stand in sink looking for drops from tap. posted on 27/02/2017 by Minx
    Great little fountain. Minx & Royboy now have 3 places to drink from & they drink lots. Super buy and great value.
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