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Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain Large

Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain Large

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

All the benefits of the original Fresh Flow Fountain but with added capacity holding up to 3.2Lt. Drinking lots of fresh water is recommended not only for the well being of humans but also for cats. The Freshflow uses mains power to continuously passes water through a filter to keep it tasting clean and fresh. The movement also adds oxygen to the water naturally and the replaceable charcoal filter helps to reduce bacteria and remove contaminants. Approx size 14.85 x 11 x 7.7. Please note this products comes with a European Plug but a Travel Adaptor is included. The large fountain is also appreciated by dogs.This fountain uses replacement filters with product code 24999.
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Ico & Bam Bam
Our human bought us this as he read that Bengals didn't always drink from water bowls - he was wrong we drunk quite happily from our water bowls for a couple of days. That is until he got around to trying this fountain out. WE LOVE TO DRINK FROM THIS and only rarely use our water bowls now. Also our human is amazed at how quiet it is - in fact at first he wasn't sure if it was working properly as he was expecting the flow of water to be much faster and the pump a lot more noisy. He now keeps it on all the time and no one can hear it. Not even us with our sensitive cat hearing - we're glad he forked out for it and secretly we think he likes it too. We think he secretly thinks it's quite cool. Men and motors hey?! Even on a cats water fountain! He's as mesmerised by it's trickle as we are! Meow! Ike and bam
she loved it !
john Graham
After trying a few cheaper fountains I bought this one for my cat. She loves it, the fact its the quietest one I have tried I think is a winner. its excellent
Superb product
Our three cats love this product and drink from it heavily, two of them directly from the top of the flow. As most cats die from liver failure due to poor drinking habits, this is a life - extender.
Great Product and speedy service
After already buying another pet fountain and finding out it was rubbish, i looked for another. I read the reviews on this item, which influenced me to buy the more expensive one because it holds more water. After using this one for a few weeks i was glad i did so, my 2 cats took to it very quickly, the pump is almost completely silent. Excellent product.
I had thought that this would be a bit of an indulgence. I had just bought two kittens who are still not allowed outside and also have a dog who used to used to prefer drinking stagnant water outside rather than the fresh water from her bowl indoors. She now prefers the fresh flow fountain and the kittens are happy using it too. I certainly needed the larger size as the kittens and the Puli empty the resevoir in 36-48 hours possibly because they all have a dry food diet. The water in my dogs bowl was always fairly grubby after she had drunk from it and this is a really practical way to deliver clean water for all of them. If initialy after being filled it seems noisy increase the flow of water for a few seconds and that will get of any air trapped and then it runs very quietly. An excellent product.
The Fountain is absolutely great.My cat love it.Thank you
Everyone loves it
I've had mine for about 4 years and not only do my cats love it but my Mum's very nervous dog does too. An excellent buy but I think it's getting to the end of it's life and will need replacing by the end of this year. Works out to be great value despite the initial cost!!!
Wow - just purrfect!
My three cats love this product after only four days. They had always preferred to drink from a water cascade feature in the garden rather than, I suppose, a boring bowl in the kitchen! This fountain keeps the water fresh and the movement intriguing. The pump is quiet and after a while I became unaware of it. My cats are obviously drinking more (which is a good idea) as I am having to keep an eye on the level. Whilst I thought it was a bit expensive at first I now think it is great for the money. Buy your cat/s one for Christmas!
Cat love is
I had to convince my other half that this purchase would be worth it and am glad I did. The cat loves it, particularly she likes to lap up the water as it flows down the fountain. It's great as she never used to drink very much out of a normal bowl and it's great peace of mind for me knowing she's getting enough fluid.
Highly Recomended
I have bought other Water Fountains for my cats and have found that they lose their water pressure very quickly (especially the domed fountains), but this is a very steady water flow.
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