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Readigrass from Friendship Estates 15kg

Readigrass from Friendship Estates 15kg

by Friendship Estate

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ReadiGrass from Friendship Estates is made exclusively from Friendship Estates own fields in the heart of Yorkshire and offers a delicious fibre source to keep your small animal healthy.

Although it is marketed primarily as a horse feed, ReadiGrass also makes a great complementary feed for small animals. The perfect alternative to conventional hay. Friendship Estates drying process removes only the water, keeping the natural flavour, wonderful smell, colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass.


  • High in beneficial fibre which will keep your pet’s digestive system healthy and operating effectively.
  • Encourages the natural chewing instinct and keeps teeth worn and healthy
  • The delicious forage provides interest and prevents boredom
  • Balanced protein delivers energy and supports healthy growth
  • The drying process retains vitamins and minerals needed to maintain health and keep your pet’s coat shiny
  • Appetising ‘fresh-grass’ aroma
  • Naturally palatable

Contents: 15kg bag

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Great for my bunny!
So much cheaper than smaller 1kg bags, but same top quality.
Fantastic saving
Used to buy small bags of this and mix in with hay and my rabbits love it. Can't believe the quality and the size and price of this product, saves a lot of money and happy bunnies!
Rabbit Joyce
Definitely a money saver. Previously bought small packets for guinea pigs and rabbits. Noticed this readigrass 15kg for substantially cheaper price on Petplanet. Product smells fresh, good green colour and good quality. Pets love it.
bunnies love it
Nicola C
my rabbits absolutely love this. they get through so much is great to find such a big bag at a more cost effective price.
Your bunnies will love this stuff!
This 15kg bag is amazing value. I used to buy 1kg bags for about £4 but this doesnít last long with three bunnies. This bag really is good value for money and my Buns absolutely love it. Itís always a really good quality grass, very green and smells lovely! This product along with good quality hay is vital for healthy teeth and healthy gut so a really good buy for any bunny owner. Highly recommend this product.
Great value
Handy as is heavy to get home, so getting delivered is great .
Gosh! What an amazing price! I have been feeding my rabbits with Readigrass for a number of years and usually buy a 1kg bag for around £5. This bag is 15kg for just £17.99 - less than £1.20 per kilogram - what a bargain! I am about to order my first bag which will undoubtedly last my two dwarf rabbits a long time. However, it is a good investment, particularly as they prefer this over other types of hay, even fresh hay direct from a farm.
My rabbits love this
Rescue Rabbits Please
My rabbits love this- it is great for encouraging them to eat lots of healthy fibre, wearing down their teeth & keeping their guts moving! Some cuts are a bit better than others- you can't tell until you open the bag, but I wouldn't be without it.
Value for money
A large bag which will last ages good for both rabbits and guinea pigs. keep in a dry place to avoid product getting damp no problem with it left indoors as it has a nice sweet smell and the piggies love it!
Bunnies love it
This is a huge bag and excellent value for money. My two rabbits love this and eat as much as I give them, they r both fussy with hay. They certainly prefer this readigrass to others I have tried from Pet shop.

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  • ReadiGrass can be fed ad lib
  • Can be fed on its own or mixed with a good quality hay
  • Ensure access to fresh water at all times

Composition: Dried Grass

Typical Analysis: Protein 15%, Crude fibre 21%, Oil 3%, Calcium 0.55%, Phosphorus 0.27%, Total sugar 10-12%, Starch < 0.1%

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