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Carefresh 14 Lt Pet Bedding

Carefresh 14 Lt Pet Bedding

Product Code: 3231
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A revolutionary product in small animal bedding, Carefresh Pet Bedding not only eliminates urine odours but is economical as you only need half the amount you would expect. This bedding is scientifically engineered to control ammonia formation for up to 3 times longer than traditional bedding and it can absorb over 3 times its weight in liquids. Made from 100% virgin wood pulp fibre rather than pine or cedar (both have hydrocarbon (oils) that may be linked to pet health problems), and with no added dyes, Carefresh is eco friendly, hypoallergenic and dust free. Sanitised to kill bacteria, mould and fungus, it is ideal for rodents, rabbits, reptiles, hand-fed baby birds and exotic pets.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
A good product but we get through a bag too quickly! posted on 18/02/2011 by Bunnymum to Cinnamon Sandy
A lovely product and very natural, absorbs well and reduces the smell. However, we get through a bag in a week and a half (2 rabbits) and we only use it in their litter tray, so it does work out very expensive!!
Excellent product posted on 08/10/2010 by Trevor
Really good bedding.Does what it is supposed to do, far superior to sawdust etc.
Marvellous product! posted on 23/12/2009 by
I've found that Carefresh pet bedding is wonderful for use with our hamster and three dwarf hamsters. It is so much less messy to use than sawdust or wood shavings, absorbs their urine, and also absorbs the smells that so often accompanies small animals. Sawdust/wood shavings also tend to stick to hamsters' fur and eyes which can cause problems, but with Carefresh, I've found it so much cleaner and safer for their health. I cannot recommend it enough. I know its more expensive than wood products, but definitely worth it, especially when its time to clean out the cages!
I swear by it posted on 26/10/2009 by dkstruthers
We have indoor guinea pigs and more than any other producet, this totally absorbs the smell of urine. Quite expensive, but guinea pigs need cleaned out much less often.
good value posted on 13/10/2009 by lola siDney
really great value product should come in bigger packs as doesnt last very long
Fab posted on 08/09/2009 by lottybetty
My guinea pig has an allergy to wood shavings and I have found this to be the best value substitute I have tried countless products. It is compressed and it goes a long way. A small bag is enough to change my guinea pigs cage twice. It doesn't make half as much mess as wood shavings and it doesn't smell as much and is easy to clean out. Its also a lot softer and comfier than the shavings. I think it's fab and it doesn't work out too much more expensive that the shavings and has none of the health problems of shavings. We have even changed my rabbit and hamsters bedding to Carefresh. I would reccomend this to all small pet owners!
its great posted on 29/08/2009 by cmlitchfield
great value for money and it does help with the smell, and makes them nice beds for them too.
brilliant, really hides smells posted on 16/07/2009 by jennyaburrows
didn't go as far as I would have hoped but very good bedding
Excellent posted on 14/07/2009 by anonymous
I thought the delivery was fantastic. Very fast and the product is excellent.
posted on 09/07/2009 by
this was a good product but not cost affective for guinea pigs will try somthing different next time
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